The Mighty Boosh - series 3 £4.95 delivered @ ZAVVI
The Mighty Boosh - series 3 £4.95 delivered @ ZAVVI

The Mighty Boosh - series 3 £4.95 delivered @ ZAVVI

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Come with us on a journey through time and space to the world of the Mighty Boosh. This time around we find Howard and Vince working in the Nabootique, an ordinary second hand shop in Dalston. Or its it ...No...it is actually a frint for Naboo's nefarious shamanistic activities, thus drawing our hapless duo into a series of magical adventures where they confront a host of eerie characters old and new. See them recoil at the terrifying stink of the crack fox. Watch Howard weep in fear at impending green doom of the hitcher. See Vince scurry flamboyantly away from a murderous albino wizard. Welcome back old friends and foes in the weird forms of Bob fossil: Dancer freek; the spirit of jazz with his electric tendrils and Tony Harrison, the sarcastic pink bladder, Strap yourself in and clean your eyeballs in preparation for Boosh 3; Their most recent series so far.


Oooh you like that boy? Cockney urine.

Heat from me.

ordered thanks

great price-cheers


awful awful awful descent into horribleness for the Boosh

This is an outrage!

Heat added

voted hot for price

Not the best season but at least it completes the collection if u have series 1 and 2 already

about as funny as cancer

I'm old greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg

The first two series were great, series 3 was a huge disappointment. Another case of ego overtaking talent.

Still, cheap enough....

I didn't think season 3 was as good as the first 2.

S3: Eels - Are you bulletproof, boy? Don't know.

S2: The Nightmare of Milky Joe - when they get stuck on an Island and eat coconuts that makes them trip.

Any news of s4?

Excellent price, i might just have to complete the collection now!

The 3rd series was a let down in comparison to the first two, as it went more mainstream. But i still think the Crack Fox was brilliant!

if you want some more boosh goodness to wash away the bad taste of this rubbish, get the radio series its seriously good!

This is just plain weird. People watch because they think its cool to watch it.
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