The mod squad - Gift ideas and memories
The mod squad - Gift ideas and memories

    The mod squad - Gift ideas and memories

    As we get close to Christmas I thought it would be a nice idea for some of the mods to post their Christmas gift ideas; either something they have bought for someone else or something they have been given that was a great gift. After you read this please feel free to share any special ideas or memories in the comments.

    Admin: To start off my gift idea is the Penguin Pockets box set. I was actually given this as a gift and it is so brilliant I've bought a few for other people as gifts for this Christmas. It is 50 light reads (about 50 pages each) all by famous authors either chapter excerpts, essays, short stories or specially written for the series. The cover designs are all original artwork that is just brilliant also. They are like a little tasting menu of fifty great authors and are perfect for a commute or a soak in the tub. I really can't recommend it highly enough as a gift for anyone that likes to read.

    rayman: Something I enjoy every so often is a game of either Cribbage or Backgammon. Two different people taught me to play each game and if I hadn't been coaxed into playing them, I wouldn't have bothered with them at all. They looked so boring and appeared to be aimed at the older generation at the time.

    I've since learned that Backgammon is ageless in some countries. Such as Greece and Turkey, where young children learn to play as part of family tradition. Kids playing grandparents and so very expertly. I like Backgammon a lot, although I'm probably not that good at it and I've played it online most often in the past.

    Cribbage was something I used to watch my Dad and Grandad play when I was a boy. Matchsticks being counted out around a rectangular board full of little holes and one pack of cards. I couldn't understand it at all when I was seven years old and that was the only memory I had of it for years. That was until the other good friend persuaded me to learn.

    So now I'm looking out for a nice set of each, because I haven't had too many chances or much time to play either and they're both games I would encourage others to learn too. If I give one each of these to another friend or family member, perhaps I'll be able to get some games in myself in the near future...

    They're my choices and are still available!

    duckmagicuk2: One of the greatest purchases I've ever made have been my wireless headphones, which you can buy at Argos with a range of price/features. I got my Philips SBC HC8652 set last Christmas. As you may know, I keep ducks... and so many hours have been spent listening to my favourite radio shows such as BBC Radio 4's "The Now Show" whilst I've been outside carrying out tasks which before may have been pretty boring and mundane. So simple, so easy. They even charge up from the base. I know it's not the greatest gift idea, but I really do treasure them...

    emmajk42: When I passed my 11+, a family friend gave me a copy of "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien to read. Having never ventured near the ranks of fantasy or sci-fi, I was wary - being used to The Point Horrors and the Famous Fives from a while before. I tried it and I loved it. I must have read the hobbit about 7 or 8 times now, probably one of the most-read books in my head! This book opened the doors to my imagination and encouraged me to pick up books that I never would have read before. I am now an avid fantasy and sci-fi fan and count good old JRR as one of my faves

    fordy: I suppose one of the best presents I ever got was the board game Cluedo. I still play it with the family and although we're all follow busy lives its nice at Christmas time to all get together and have a few board games. It was my 7th birthday and now for my cousins etc I am buying them the game to play

    millarcat: One thing i have to admit to is that i CANNOT let my Christmas prezzies lie under the tree. I just can't do it .... the suspense just kills me. Most of my family/friends know this and leave it to the last minute to give me any gifts.

    This year i've tried really hard not too even peek, but have failed (only once though) A very good friend gave me a gift ... its was wrapped in lovely black paper with a black bow, soo tempting ..... it was irrestible, i just couldn't not have a sneaky look.

    I carefully removed the bow, pealed away one of the corners of the tape for a quick peak, but all i could see was a black box so i had to open it fully and boy was i chuffed. She bought me a lovely Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum Gift set.

    I really love Perfume and this is one i've always wanted but would never treat myself too, so i would say that this is def one of my fave prezzies, but really perfume is a pretty safe bet for a girly gift! Whether i'm doing the ironing / goin to the gym / take kids out/ doin dishes / heading out I always love to be wearing perfume ! .

    Edi : The best gift I have ever bought is a Singing Karaoke Deer for my sis. Very realistic toy which can speak your own words with excellent expressions (ears twitch, mouth & head moves) thru a cordless mic. Has an IR motion sensor and when someone walks nearby he speaks up & sings. When there is gathering at home the talking deer personally invites guest by name as read by someone lots of fun with this deer although costs bit dearly.


    I'm not sure if it's ok to post yet but i thought i would put forward an idea. When we were younger we used to play what we called "the word game". It is more formally known as "Scattergories" and is a fantastically simple game that anyone of any age can play.

    When we used to play we would use pencil and paper but my mum bought the actual game which you can get from Amazon! It is great fun and hillarious when you hear some of the answers family and friends come up with. e.g. A reason for being late to work - beginning with B? My mum tried to get away with "Bleeding Nose" :lol: Needless to say she got no points.

    Anyway it may be an idea if you are lookin to involve the whole family at xmas!!! :santa:

    Yes, anyone can post in here. As admin said above:


    After you read this please feel free to share any special ideas or … After you read this please feel free to share any special ideas or memories in the comments.

    That sounds like a great game boxblu, I love that kind of thing. My family have been playing "articulate" the past few Christmasses, and it's a bundle of laughter/tears

    Came across this web site recently. You can use it to list your gift wish list and share it with friends and family who can do the same. Then everyone can get the presents they want. I think you can mark an item someone wants as "booked" so that no-one else also gets it . Have a look



    Came across this web site recently. You can use it to list your gift wish … Came across this web site recently. You can use it to list your gift wish list and share it with friends and family who can do the same. Then everyone can get the presents they want. I think you can mark an item someone wants as "booked" so that no-one else also gets it . Have a look]www.sickofsocks.co.uk

    Never heard of this one before, but looks like a similar idea to ]gifttagging.com which I have used. Gift Tagging has a few glitches though, so I might check out Sick of Socks, I certainly prefer the name at least! :-D

    Have some rep, Motley!

    Bought ]Fluxx for my brother. It might look expensive for "just a card game", but this game is a brilliant laugh if you like games that mess with your head.
    Because the rules are constantly changing, it takes you down a similar path of confusion that occurs with drinking games, even when you're sober! :giggle:

    Don't forget the £5 Firebox vouchers if you still have one and Quidco! :thumbsup:

    i have mentioned these guys b4 ref the star wars lightsabers. But any the main thing they sell is filmcells . i think they are sooooo cool. i have about 20 of them on my wall. ( yes i know sad ) each to there own.
    here is is

    A great game that I enjoy with my friends and family is cranium. Its a bit of everything, articulate, trivial pursuit, pictionary is great fun and everyone enjoys it. Think it is around £20-30 in the shops probably cheaper online.

    Oh a quick tip the play dough stuff goes a bit hard after a while just pop into the early learning center and buy one of those buckets full of individually wrapped balls for a fiver. That way when you need some more you will have it and also it lasts alot longer as the balls are individually wrapped.

    thanks emmajk2 I have been lurking forever finally decided to post.

    Welcome to the forums hotdealing I've never played that one either, but heard it's good

    I like the idea of the Penquin Pocket Box Set ..thanks for the recommendation.
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