The Movies [PC DVD-ROM] - just £1.97 delivered
The Movies [PC DVD-ROM] - just £1.97 delivered

The Movies [PC DVD-ROM] - just £1.97 delivered

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The The Movies [PC DVD-ROM] is now only £1.97 delivered from Tesco Jersey! Cheapest i see elsewhere is £6.99!

Details: The Movies is a "life simulation" game that lets players build and control their own Hollywood motion picture studio. Players create unique mini-trailer-style movies choosing everything from script selection and the hiring of cast and crew, to film production and premieres. Gamers build their entertainment empire by making hit movies, researching and introducing the newest cinematographic technologies and nurturing the biggest stars. Created by renowned developer Peter Molyneux of Lionhead. Studios, The Movies takes life simulation to a whole new era, and as such is set to be a ground-breaking smash hit.


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Be the ultimate Hollywood player.

Behind every box office hit and Hollywood star is a movie mogul who makes it happen. In The Movies, that mogul is you. Create your own studio from the ground up. Direct your own movies and call the shots on budgets, actors, locations and more. From script to screen, will your films be smash hits or break the bank?
It`s all up to you, baby.

* Become an industry legend: Control a movie studio, building it from an empty lot into an entertainment empire.

* Customise and control stars: Discover and "makeover" unknowns, deal with stars` egos and make or break careers.

* Create your own films: Shoot movies, from comedies to action hits, then add cool voiceovers and sound effects.

* Share your creations online: Save your movies to your hard drive, then upload and post them on the web

Canny little game for a good price, Cheers!

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You're welcome robbo! Welcome to Hukd's, good to see you posting! :thumbsup:

Ordered. Thanks squire. Nice addition to the collection.

WOW, can't really knock that price can you?

This was a game i was 50/50 about getting when it first came out, but i think at that price i can risk it!

Thanks OP

i bought this game along time ago and i think its great game, deffo buy at that price.

excellent price - I gave my copy away as I didn't really get into it but I gotta say I'm already thinking of getting it again. At that price...

Voted warm - only paid about £6 for it nearly a year back. Still, decent deal and decent game - although I couldnt get into it.

I'll have to buy this, very good price.
Voted hot.

Voted Hot, wanted to try this when it first came out but didnt want to pay full whack. Can do now! Thanks

Very good game, and at that price you cannot afford not to try it!

Voted hot

Just been into the local WH Smiths and they had it reduced to £1! Not sure if its the same across the country but i just bought the last copy in my store!

Its funny you post that now because I thought I remember seeing it really cheap in a shop and couldnt think where. Maybe it was WH's. Could of saved a pound!!:-D

Great deal, voted hot.


I Got Two Of These In Whsmiths They Were Selling For Only £1.19!!!!

I got it ages ago for 99p from PC World.

Anyone recieved their copy yet? Havent heard or recieved anything since I ordered and the email account I used can no longer be accessed..

has anyone received this yet? i keep getting email's telling me its delayed :x

I kept getting the delay e-mails and cancelled the order yesterday :-(

finally! had my despatch email today. looks like you may have cancelled one day to soon ferguka :-(

Just got my dispatched email. I as well suprised. Good find millarcat
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