The Mummy Blu-Ray Trilogy £12.95 at Blahdvd
The Mummy Blu-Ray Trilogy £12.95 at Blahdvd

The Mummy Blu-Ray Trilogy £12.95 at Blahdvd

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This just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. This includes The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor all for £12.95 at Blahdvd. Free delivery on this.

This collection includes all three MUMMY films, following the continuing adventures of Rick (Brendan Fraser), Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and her brother Jonathan (John Hannah). In THE MUMMY, an evil priest has an affair with the Pharaoh's mistress, who later takes her own life. As punishment the priest is destined to spend eternity mummified but undead. The only way for the curse to be lifted is if his body is released. In THE MUMMY RETURNS, the mummified corpse of Imhotep is taken to the British Museum in London. Whilst there he awakens to continue his quest for immortality. But another dark force has been unleashed on the world and when these two evil spirits meet the fate of the world is a risk. In TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR, Rick and Evelyn have retired to England, and their now-grown son is following in their footsteps. But it's the resurrection of China's ten-thousand-strong terra cotta army that brings the adventuring couple back into the action.



Now this is a great price so I'm voting HOT purely for that but it does create a bit of a dilemma... ...the first Mummy was IMHO excellent, it had a bit of everything and was thoroughly entertaining...the second was a lot poorer and had a very annoying kid in it so I'm in no hurry to watch this again... ...the final one was truly terrible, had some of the worst CGI I've seen (...the Himalayan Yeti's were gobsmackingly bad) and I think my eyes would dissolve out of protest if I ever subjected them to it again!!

...so is it a good price for one great film, one crappy one and one coaster?


Rubbish films.......

Hotter than today's weather!

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Hotter than today's weather!

I dont know about that.

Also at base.com with quidco!
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