The Mummy: Quest For The Scrolls DVD - Just £1.96 @ uWish!!!

The Mummy: Quest For The Scrolls DVD - Just £1.96 @ uWish!!!

Found 12th Jul 2007
Next cheapest copy - £11.95 !!!

Animated Egyptian adventures. In this feature length animated spin-off from 'The Mummy' our story begins 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt with Evil High Priest Imhotep, Keeper of the scrolls of Thebes. In a desperate bid to control the world, Imhotep tries to steal the Manacle of Osiris.

Trivia challenge. Bonus Episode - "The Orb of Aten". Character Descriptions. Mummy Animated Franchise Trainer. Egyptology.
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When you click through, do a search for this same might think this is a bizzarre request but there were 2 DVD versions of this release (I know because I picked one up in an HMV or Virgin sale a year or 2 back).

uWish sell both versions at £2.96 but one includes a FREE LEGO's only a small one but it's free...
no offense Becks & watch your "small but free punchlines"!!!!
]Here's the direct link but obviously most people will go via Quidco for 6% cashback anyway....
C32 - no offence taken sweetie - this was posted on the 12/7 so must have gone up in price since then :-)

Oh - and they say good things come in small packages - and if there free even better ;-)
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