The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (DVD) Pre-Order - £25 @ Zavvi
The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (DVD) Pre-Order - £25 @ Zavvi

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (DVD) Pre-Order - £25 @ Zavvi

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The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (DVD)

The greatest cartoon ever made! Available 23/03/2008. They are taking pre-orders now at Zavvi. This is the cheapest price I have seen it for so far at £25.00. If you see it cheaper though please let us know and feel free to make this very cold!







so much for hmv claiming to have an exclusiveor maybe different editions

IIRC they are one and the same.

the collectors "hmv excluclusive" is out this month and this isn't, so it may not be the same version.
it's a gamble i guess.
i pre-ordered the £37 one months ago so £12 for stuff i don't want.. i'm happy with that

I looked into this the other night, they have different catalog numbers the Hmv one is fhed2345 while the other one is fhed2046 which can be ordered from blahdvd for £17.29. I belive the difference is the extras that the hmv edition has including the gold medallion

The release date for this edition is wrong, it's 23rd June, not March. So I guess that's how HMV have an exclusive, as they will be the only ones selling it for the first 3 months, as theirs is out on 24th March.

And as has been pointed out, this isn't the cheapest, in fact it's the third most expensive pre-order at the moment!

We used to sing:

"Children of the sun, stick your finger up your bum"

I swear no-one remembers anything but the theme tune of this programme. :lol:

People will buy the DVD, hum and sway along to the theme tune and then realise the cartoon itself is rubbish. :giggle:

Actually I think the cartoon is not bad at all, I recently watched a load of these quite happily, though there is a certain nostalgia element to it now. I think it was just that it was a lot better than the rest of the stuff on children's BBC at the time.

Dogtanian is a bit less watchable, 80 days around the world is OK.

Noooooo! Get the Dogtanian theme tune out of my head! Damn you! :x

Also available from PLAY.COM on pre-order now (and not cheap!!!!!)



2 v 5/6 disc version... There must be loads missing, or just not as much plop that no-one ever bothers with?!?

I'll wait until the sites show more details I reckon.


Also available from PLAY.COM on pre-order now (and not … Also available from PLAY.COM on pre-order now (and not cheap!!!!!)http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/3337194/-/Product.html?source=9316£43.99

£17.99 at dvd.co.uk as mentioned in another thread....

Coming up at £60 at Zavvi now!
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