The Naked Gun Collection DVD only £3.49 delivered @ Amazon and

The Naked Gun Collection DVD only £3.49 delivered @ Amazon and

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The Naked Gun Collection DVD only £3.49 delivered @ Amazon and Cheapest I have ever seen this price, lowest it has been is £5.00 a while ago. Elsewhere this is:

Blockbuster: £6.00
HMV: £5.29
Very: £8.00
The Hut: £5.85

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The Naked Gun Collection DVD

Considering the TV series Police Squad managed a mere six episodes, it's no small testament to its qualities that it proved the inspiration for a trio of cinematic hits. And this bringing together of all three Naked Gun films delivers, as the original series did, a belly-load of laughs.
Each is a spoof, very much in the spirit of the original Airplane (unsurprising, as the same people are involved), with the focus this time being on Leslie Nielsen's Lt Frank Drebin, a well-meaning yet chaotic detective who, along with George Kennedy's Capt Ed Hocken, O.J.Simpson's Nordberg and Priscilla Presley's Jane finds himself with crimes to solve, and nothing but sheer ineptitude to help him.

The plot in each movie clearly takes a back seat, as each film is an exercise in throwing as many gags at the wall and hoping they stick. The hit rate in the first of the three is high enough to genuinely warrant it being a modern day comedy classic, with clever sight gags and more elaborate sequences keeping the chuckle count high and constant. Neither sequel gets close to it, but both do have their moments too. Crucially, as none of the films outstays its welcome, thanks to their relatively brief running times, each emerges as an enjoyable, joyfully silly and frequently funny comedy, set to be enjoyed time and time again.--Simon Brew


"Is this some kind of bust?"

RIP Leslie Nielsen

nice Beaver!

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"Is this some kind of bust?"

Lol its impressive!

surely you can't be serious

Yes I am serious.. and dont call me Shirley!

Sweet. I paid £35 for this about 8 years ago!

Some of the funniest films I've ever seen. Bargain.

Great Deal. But consider the Nut Case Comedy box set, which also includes Police squad, Airplane!, Top Secret & the Naked Gun Trilogy.
£10.99 @
£10.93 @ Amazon

Lacks Airplane 2 for some reason!
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