The Naked Gun Complete Box Set £7 instore @ Asda!
The Naked Gun Complete Box Set £7 instore @ Asda!

The Naked Gun Complete Box Set £7 instore @ Asda!

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A pretty good price for this excellent set!!
The Naked Gun (Dir. David Zucker, 1988): Those screw-loose Airplane! creators have done it again! Leslie Nielsen stars as Police Squad's own granite-jawed, rock-brained cop Frank Drebin, who bumbles across a mind-control scheme to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. Priscilla Presley, O.J. Simpson, a stuffed beaver, two baseball teams and an odd assortment of others join the wacko goings-on and blow the laugh-o-meter to smithereens.

The Naked Gun 2 1/2 - The Smell Of Fear (Dir. David Zucker, 1991): Lt Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) loves a mystery. Why are we here? Is there life after sex? Yes, Drebin tackles the big issues - and the biggest of all is how to stop devious Quentin Hapsburg's (Robert Goulet) plan to destroy the environment!

Returning with Nielsen in this hilarious Naked Gun sequel are Priscilla Presley as Jane, the woman who can melt a cheese sandwich from 20 paces, and George Kennedy as intrepid Captain Ed Hocken. The gang's all here. And so are the laughs. Like Drebin, you're gonna love it.

The Naked Gun 33 1/3 - The Final Insult (Dir. Peter Segal, 1994): Oscar night. Who will win? Who will lose? And will someone please kick that numbskull offstage?

Wait! That's no ordinary numbskull. That's Lt Frank Drebin, crashing the ceremonies to stop a terrorist plot that could mean curtains for him - or will a simple window shade be enough? Yes, back with a hilarious three-peat and a state-of-the art advance in sequel numbering are the filmmakers you love, the returning stars you adore, plus others getting Naked for the first time: Fred Ward, Anna Nicole Smith and more folks you'd happily give your seat to on a crowded bus. The fun begins when...oops; we don't want to give away the gags. No. You'll have to pay for them. You'll be glad you did!


Ooh, I love this series of movies... but I've never bought them yet. £7 seems too cheap an offer to refuse - will pick up a copy when I next go to ASDA.

Thanks, Amibees!

Time for some heat on this - quality movies, if a little repetitive.

Heat Added i just love these movies, when northburg makes a artillery gun out of a sniper case classic bit.

...and if you want to save the petrol cost, it's only a £1 more at HMV online.


£7.99 online from HMV too - 10% Quidco would make it £7.19. So not a massively 'hot' deal. A case of it making the hot page based on the films rather than the price I reckon!

Nice beaver!

Can confirm that this is nationwide and not a limited offer - i bought mine at this price from my local about a year ago - 3 great films!

Jane: I've heard police work is dangerous.
Frank: It is. That's why I carry a big gun.
Jane: Aren't you afraid it might go off accidentally?
Frank: I used to have that problem.
Jane: What did you do about it?
Frank: I just think about baseball.

Frank: It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day.
Jane: Goodyear?
Frank: No, the worst.

[Jane climbs a ladder]
Frank: Nice beaver!
Jane: [producing a stuffed beaver] Thank you. I just had it stuffed.

Ed: Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50 - 50 chance of living, though there's only a 10 percent chance of that.

Thug: Drebin?
Frank: Yeah!
Thug: I got a message for you from Vincent Ludwig.
[Shoots gun at Drebin]
Thug: Take this you son of a bitch!
Frank: I can't hear you! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

Nurse #2: Mrs. Nordberg, I think we can save your husband's arm. Where would you like it sent?

If you don't laugh at these then you have had your sense of humour removed!

These are some of the funniest movies ever made!

I have all the Police Squad episodes on VHS (yes, that old media! lol) and I never tire of watching them.

Girl to Drebin : Cigarette?
Drebin : Yes, it is

Pure quality! :-)
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