The Naked Gun Trilogy DVD £4.99 at Amazon & Play
The Naked Gun Trilogy DVD £4.99 at Amazon & Play

The Naked Gun Trilogy DVD £4.99 at Amazon & Play

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The Naked Gun Trilogy DVd £4.99 at Amazon & Play

Price matched - 3 Discs

In THE NAKED GUN, Lt Frank Drebin, a granite-jawed, rock-brained cop, uncovers a diabolical plot to murder the Queen of England using mind control. THE NAKED GUN 2 1/2 sees disaster-prone Frank back in Washington to receive an honour for shooting his 1000th drug dealer. When a conspiracy to influence the U.S. Government's new energy policy comes to light, our intrepid hero sets out to bring the perpetrators to justice. In THE NAKED GUN 33 1/3, Frank is coaxed out of retirement to counter a terrorist threat. And in true Drebin fashion, he manages to bungle his way through the investigation, and winds up causing havoc at a glitzy Academy Awards ceremony.


That's a good price. Unlike a lot of comedy sequels the 2nd and 3rd Naked Gun ones were well worth watching. You can also pick up the brilliant Police Squad DVD at amazon for £3.97:

Alternatively, pick up the Naked Gun trilogy with the Police Squad series, plus Airplane and Top Secret for £9.85 at Zavvi: zavvi.com/dvd…tml

Frank (whilst looking up Jane's dress) - "nice beaver"
Jane - "thank you, I just had it stuffed!" - reaching Frank a stuffed beaver! GENIUS!


It's a shame that movie comidies of this calibur no longer exist, havnt seen a comedy of this standard in years

"cigarette ?" *offers packet*
"yes i know."

if i had not already got the movies, the show (better imo) and airplane 1&2 i would leap on this, it is dated but still bloody funny. like hotshots 1&2 and pretty much anything with leslie nielson in they sure don't make them like this anymore

This is gunna get "very hot and awfully wet" heat added
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