The Nations Noodle 50p Launch Offer @ Tesco

The Nations Noodle 50p Launch Offer @ Tesco

Found 14th Aug 2009
Remember when Chicken & Mushroom Pot noodles used to not taste like Cardboard!? Well Golden Wonder have brought them back to how they used to be with the Launch of the Nations noodle!! Tesco have them under introductory offer for 50p! Press Release below.

In a move set to cause a huge circular stir' in the instant hot snacks category, food company Symington's announces the arrival of Golden Wonder: The Nation's Noodle'.

Brought to you by one of the most iconic and nostalgic British food brands, the flavour-packed pots will be available from 3 August and come in seven distinct, taste-bud tingling flavours.

The exciting new product launch follows an agreement reached between Symington's and crisps and snacks manufacturer Tayto Group Ltd, for the former to use the Golden Wonder brand for a hot noodle snacking option.

Following months of intense consumer research and testing to perfect the products, the first seven variants to market are as follows:

· Chicken and Mushroom (The Nation's Noodle)

· Beef & Tomato (The Nation's Noodle)

· Sweet & Sour (The Nation's Noodle)

· Chip Shop Curry (The Nation's Noodle)

· Spicy Tomato (The Nation's Pasta)

· Spaghetti Bolognese (The Nation's Pasta)

· Macaroni Cheese (The Nation's Pasta)

The 70g pots retail at less than £1.

The launch will be supported by an integrated PR, marketing and digital campaign that includes a comprehensive nationwide sampling tour. Intended to raise product awareness from the outset and drive purchase among the target market (men aged between 12 and 30) the tour will take in approximately six key UK cities including London, Leeds and Newcastle.

David Cherrie, Marketing Manager at Symington's, comments; "Golden Wonder has a fantastic heritage in the instant hot snacks category so we're absolutely thrilled to be bringing it back. The brand already means so much to so many Brits but we're confident that there'll be a whole new generation of fans once people get to taste the product. We've done everything we can to make sure that Golden Wonder: The Nation's Noodle is the best tasting product in the category. Huge sales are expected so retailers need to make sure they're stocked up for the launch this summer."


Remember when Chicken & Mushroom Pot noodles used to not taste like … Remember when Chicken & Mushroom Pot noodles used to not taste like Cardboard!?

Yes, indeed!

Then I woke up........

According to my son (who is 12, so part of the main target audience!)
Macaroni Cheese is salty
Chip Shop Curry is rank
Chicken and Mushroom is hmmm
Spaghetti Bolognese is...... alright

back to Pot Noodle here then :giggle:

they have been this price for over 2 weeks now suprised its only just been posted, my son loves the new macaroni cheese one!

curry one bland n boring


According to my son (who is 12, so part of the main target … According to my son (who is 12, so part of the main target audience!)Macaroni Cheese is saltyChip Shop Curry is rankChicken and Mushroom is hmmmSpaghetti Bolognese is...... alrightback to Pot Noodle here then :giggle:

Can confirm the chip shop curry one is pretty poor. Tasteless. Was really looking forward to that too:cry:

I bought the Chicken and Mushroom and Mac Cheese ones. The Chicken and mushroom one made me gag when I took the lid off, the smell isn't good. I tried it, but I'll be sticking with Pot Noodles. They taste a lot better. I dunno if I wanna try the Mac Cheese one. Hmm.

Tried the Chicken & Mushroom. Much Better Noodles:) but less taste:x than the same Pot Noddle. Not that Impressed because the Flavour is not as good as a Pot Noodle:?

Forget pot noodles. You want super noodles.


My son tried the spaghetti bolognese flavour and I had to leave the room while he was eating it, the smell of it was disgusting, lol. He didn't give it a great review either, he said he much prefered chicken and mushroom pot noodles. I certainly wont be trying this, the smell was enough to put me off

super noodles taste like ****, so do these

pot noodle ftw

Tried the Beef one and had to throw it away. Awful.

Look for the Asian brands much better and cheaper if bought in bulk 30p-60p is the normal price. Also available mail order with other stuff

try these at 59p, nice and hot.make a great soup

Had a macaroni cheese one today and I thought it was pretty good. I was used to making pot noodles so I did not do it quite right so it may be even better.

I am obvioulsy out of the loop because I thought that "Pot Noodle" was made by Golden Wonder.

So do Batchelors make Pot Noodle and these are a rival ???

Anyhow, for people who like the more authentic "Noodle Soup" type thing I can recommend "Blue Dragon" noodle pots (?) which Tesco sell. (Chicken or Beef flavours). Same thing - take off lid, boiling water, flavour sachet and leave to stand.

It is more of a soup bowl and the noodles are thin and long but they are very tasty and more of an adult version of a pot noodle. They are about the same price as well as a normal pot noodle.

Cold they taste like sick
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