The Net: The Complete First Series Boxset ( DVD) 6 Disc - £6.39

The Net: The Complete First Series Boxset ( DVD) 6 Disc - £6.39

Found 9th Dec 2007
Only 1 series was made which was okay viewing, decent price for a 6 disc boxset, esp as a stocking filler. I had a look around for the best price, next cheapest price was £8.95 from

There are private sellers on Amazon that are selling this boxset for approx £4.50 and with Amazon's fixed p&p of £1.24, this comes to a total of £5.74 which is even cheaper! But I couldn't tell how much stock each seller has.

- 64 ipoints for the purchase from
- 6% from Quido for FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS on

"Angela Bennett (Brooke Langton), an expert at debugging networks, stumbles on a plot by a secret society called the Praetorians to control the world through computer systems. The fearsome Praetorians will stop at nothing to prevent Angela from foiling their plans, erasing her identity and replacing it with that of a wanted criminal. A fugitive on the run, Angela struggles to reclaim her life and, aided by a mysterious email contact known as Sorcerer, thwart the Praetorians evil scheme. Television series based on the hit movie franchise."

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