The new aluminum 13-inch MacBook 2.0Ghz 2Gb Ram - £799.99 @ Apple
The new aluminum 13-inch MacBook 2.0Ghz 2Gb Ram - £799.99 @ Apple

The new aluminum 13-inch MacBook 2.0Ghz 2Gb Ram - £799.99 @ Apple

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Hi everyone my first post hope i do this right and hope this isn't posted before if it is sorry.

I know you get a student discount on Apple computers on Apple's website for example the new low end aluminum MacBook cost £872.85 on education store but i managed to get a another link to Apple store UK and got the price down to £799.99 plus you also get a printer rebate for £60 also the more powerful 2.4Ghz model is also offered low priced.

I ordered the low end 2.0Ghz model although im not a student i got my order just fine they didn't verify if i was a student . Even if your not a student you could always find someone who is and get this discount.


You cant really mention the student discount because its not available to everyone. Although i am interested in what link you mention that you've used to the get the lower price?

This is just a link to the Higher Education store. Its not exactly a deal, most people have the link saved in their bookmarks.

I dont think it can ever harm to remind people, there is always someone who doesnt know. Also, why cant it be mentioned because it is not available to all, there are plenty of local deals/nurse/teacher/police only deals always listed on here.

Hot from me.

The title should be changed to reflect that its and edu discount only. Otherwise people will click through and try to order wasting their time. Right now someone will thing that they can pick up a new MB for £800.

Well I would say thats their fault for not reading the thread

Wow, that's expensive!!

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Well i have ordered this and im not a student and got my Macbook without any problems

Can anyone use this if their not a student then? Wont apple catch you out some how? Also will it affect the manufacturers warranty if they do find out? Thankss
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