THE NEW Harmony One Universal Remote (20% OFF) - £106.70

THE NEW Harmony One Universal Remote (20% OFF) - £106.70

Found 31st Jan 2008…,en

It's the brand new Remote just released from Logitech in the excellent Harmony Brand.

Got a Touch Screen and comes with a charger.

It seems the perfect remote? Well, not entirely. Think again if you use coloured buttons on the likes of SKY....the Harmony One DOES NOT HAVE COLOURED BUTTONS!!!

Usually, Harmony have released an EU Model with coloured buttons but this time, they have gone global with a one model for all. A mistake in my opinon and the reason why I won't be buying one.

The Coloured Buttons can be put on the touch screen but that means less space for other stuff and they won't be available all the time (existing Harmony owners will understand).

Discussion here on the issue:…9,1

Buy from Logitech now for £106.70 Delivered. 20% off. Still a good deal for what will no doubt be a great remote (even with the problem mentioned above).

So vote hot or vote cold, I'm not in it for the plaudits. It doesn't matter to me, I just like to spread the word of Harmony remotes...good or bad.
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A hot deal? I think you got mixed up, if the telly cost £106.70p delivered that would be a [COLOR=red]HOT[/COLOR] deal, not the remote.
these remotes are dear so its a good deal for those wanting one

i personally wouldnt pay so much but many do

heat added

A hot deal? I think you got mixed up, if the telly cost £106.70p … A hot deal? I think you got mixed up, if the telly cost £106.70p delivered that would be a [COLOR=red]HOT[/COLOR] deal, not the remote.

No, don't agree with that.

Considering this is Logitech's brand new flagship model only just released.

20% off is a good deal.

I own a Harmony 525 remote and compared to the rubbish unversal remotes that you get in the likes of Argos these are a dream to configure and use. They can control pratically anything and its lla configurable via a PC. Currently have macros such as Watch SkyHD, Watch DVD, Play a CD, Play Xbox360. What's good is that you can be in the middle of one thing i.e. watching SkyHD and decide to hit the "play Xbox360" macro. It will turn the bits off that you don't need i.e. the SkyHD box but leave the surround sound amp on and swap it to the correct input. If you go back to SkyHD activity it turns the XBox360 off and swaps the amp back to the correct input and switches the SkyHD box back on. However if I'd just hit standby instead o returning to SkyHD it will have turned off all the devices currenty in use. Basically, these remotes remember what you have done previously and so the macros aren't just a series of button replays like your std universal remote.

Oh and this particular remote isn't even the top spec one from logitech which is this one…,en

or anywhere near the prices of remotes that get used in Homecinema setups.

So I would seriously recommend one of these.
Seems a good price - review here. Sky users may wish to note lack of hard coloured buttons.…tml
As an aside the new Squeezebox Duet (£279 retail) - is unlikely to be bettered than with this 20% discount.

I shan't be posting it though (don't need any more cold votes)...
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