The new MG-TF Only £13799 otr @ MG
The new MG-TF Only £13799 otr @ MG
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The new MG-TF Only £13799 otr @ MG

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take a look ;-)


I wouldn't have one for a third of that price, awful cars!

I had one of these last time around, The head gasket blew after 14000 miles and I had it replaced under the guarantee only for it to go again 8000 miles later, In total the head gasket went 3 times in 4 years ....I would avoid like the plague.

Still massively overpriced!!

Buy an MX5 and enjoy your motoring!!

An MGF is for those with absolutely no sense whatsoever, in my opinion.

Unreliable car available at full RRP - in what sense of the word is that a deal?

Looks the same as the "old" MG TF to me.

Friend had an MG ZR which also ate 3 head gaskets in 3 years.

a colleague had one and it spent most of its time in the garage due to leaks (bad ones) - was bought new

Great idea - take a really unreliable car, then make it in China.

Buy an MX5 instead. They arn't that much more and will probably keep their value much better. It came 3rd overall in the recent Which? reliability survey too,

To make any sort of in roads (no pun intended) back into the UK car market the price (and improved quality) is going to crucial, I think at this sort of money it is going to struggle against much better competition, MG take note that if you want to shift more units try retailing this at around £10.999 + offer a £300 3 year servicing package and 5 year warranty.

That should get us crazy soft top loving Brits back in the showroom.


P.S had a brand new MGF back in the day (Tahiti blue) never had a single problem!

MX5 is £4000
Maybe you should try comparing it to similar priced roadsters!

I have a 2001 MGF and for the 8 weeks a year when there is nothing wrong with it, it's an absolute joy to drive. In the past 18 months, mine has had the head gasket go, spat 8 foot of shredded alternator belt out the back, overheated at random half a dozen times and had 2 failed brake calipers which resulted in me having to chock the back wheels with 2 bricks in Sainsburys car park. Oh, and my windscreen wipers both fell off in the middle of a thunderstorm on the motorway.

Buy a 3 or 4 year old Honda S2000 for the same price.

had a tf135 in britsh racing green about 3 years ago never had any engine problems but it did leak abit, was always diffcult to get reverse gear, clock never worked, paint work was crap, rear plastic wind went cloudy, wing mirrors leaked, driver seat would never stay in set postion, windscreen wipers made a awful noise if used at speed on motorway, proberly other stuff but think Ive blanked it out, and mine was garaged every night without fail, Happy days :).
If they are re-selling them they need to ditch the K series engines and install somthing more reliable. Only thing it had going for it was its looks, at the time the mx5 and mr2 were too girly &
s2000 and elise were too expensive.

M T Pockets

MX5 is £4000Maybe you should try comparing it to similar priced roadsters!

Ok you buy a brand new MX5 for £4000 and I'll happily buy it from you for £5000
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