The nines DVD £1 brand new at PoundLand

The nines DVD £1 brand new at PoundLand

Found 24th Oct 2010Made hot 24th Oct 2010
Got The Nines DVD starring Ryan Reynolds at Poundland in Leicester-really pleased with this as it's much more in HMV at £12.99!!! fab Christmas bargain:-D


Fantastic film! Saw this a few years ago and if you like films to have a little think over this is one!

none in my local store but a good find .
have some heat .

film is 9/10 for sure what a world where this gets relegated to poundland lmao

Been in my local for weeks. Doesn't seem that popular.

What is the film about?

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What is the film about?

THE NINES is a complex, thought-provoking work divided into three sections and featuring the same actors playing different roles, with the number nine always lurking in the background. In 'The Prisoner,' Ryan Reynolds plays Gary, a TV star who has been placed under house arrest after going crazy because his girlfriend dumped him. He is watched closely by Margaret, a publicist who seems to know more than she is letting on, and by neighbour Sarah, who is instantly attracted to him. In 'Reality Television' Reynolds is a director named Gavin who is shooting a TV pilot starring McCarthy, but he's getting mixed signals from studio executive Susan, all while being filmed for a television reality program. And in 'Knowing', Reynolds is Gabriel, the character in the TV pilot that Gavin was shooting, with McCarthy playing his wife, Mary, and Davis as a mysterious stranger deciding whether she should help the family, whose car has broken down on a deserted mountain. Certain minute elements repeat in each part, giving clues as to what it's all really about as fantasy and reality intertwine.

Also available at for £2.49 (delivered). The HMV price is practically the dearest online.

great movie
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