The Norman Wisdom Collection [12DVD Boxset] £17.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut
The Norman Wisdom Collection [12DVD Boxset] £17.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

The Norman Wisdom Collection [12DVD Boxset] £17.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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Norman Wisdom's Immense Popularity Stems From His Hilarious Portrayal Of The Little Guy Who Always Seems
To Win Out In The End. The Cloth-Capped Bumbler Is One Of The Great Creations Of British Comedy.

The Special 12 DVD Collection Features The Best Of Norman Wisdom's Film Hits.

DVD box set featuring:
The Bulldog Breed.
One Good Turn.
The Early Bird.
Press For Time.
On The Beat.
Man Of The Moment.
A Stitch In Time.
Just My Luck.
The Square Peg.
Follow A Star.
Trouble In Store.
Up In The World.


Fantastic! timeless humour

I used to love Norman Wisdom as a kid. I might just have to go for a trip down memory lane. Seems a good price to me. Thanks.

:thumbsup:This man is a genius, the original Mr Bean, but clever too! Anyone that has not seen this timeless comedian would be well advised to get this set, 12 DVD's or pure raw comedyat a great price. OK its dated but who could try and fill this mans shoes? (Lee Evans is the nearest so far i think:whistling:).

I love Norman Wisdom, and surprisingly so do my kids, they have grown up on him too..thanks to Mum...lol
yes the films are a bit dated....what wouldn't be.... but pure genius.......

Edited....I thought about it for a few minutes....but, well its got to be done...have ordered one....
Norman will always have a special place in my heart...bless him. thanks OP

Excellent deal. Just had to order this.:thumbsup: Thank you!

Ah, how brill is this set?!

I have all of these anyway, but if I didn't I'd be buying this like a shot.

Norman Wisdom....brilliant......Mr Grimsdaaaale!!

£30 at Play..........

Nice one! Thank you!

I bloomin' love this fella... Funny as you like but never a dry eye in the house when he croons "Don't laugh at me, cos I'm a fool".

I've got these on VHS but by God I'm tempted!!!

£60 on flea bay

Great price, voted hot.

No surprise to see the rare "What's Good for the Goose" missing from this set though. An odd, quirky little film but its adult content and nudity would have affected the PG rating given to this box set.

One of his best acting perfomances was in BBC Playhouse: "Going Gently"
which I remember watching.
Starring with him was Fulton MacKay & Judi Dench.

Wisdom and Mackay played two ageing and terminally ill cancer patients, Bernard Flood and Austin Miller, in a hospital where they are nursed by Judi Dench's Nurse Scarli.


excellent !

Another fan here. I got this set after I saw "On the Beat" one day on TV.
I recognised some of the locations. Didnt really take me back, I wasn't even born then, but I did love what places used to look like before yellow lines, street furniture, lamp posts even.
Windsors changed alot, but its good that films like this remind us of what it was like even if they didnt mean to at the time.
]On the Beat
I like the carry on films too, for the same reason, filmed around where I live.

If you don't have this already now's your chance.Excellent value for money-great family films for a Sunday afternoon.We have watched and loved Norman for years in our house-can't recommend highly enough.
Hot hot hot !!.

Anyone else having trouble getting to the site?

Thanks for this, the HMV offer of £17.99 expired just the other day so I have purchased it from here.

Love these as a piece of recent British history. Voted hot.

Same deal/price now on in Asda!
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