The North Face McMurdo Parka 2 jacket. was £370, now £296

The North Face McMurdo Parka 2 jacket. was £370, now £296

Found 18th Jan 2017
One of the best jackets you could own. Comfortable and keeps you very warm in the cold winter. And looks really good.
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Comfortable and keeps you very warm in the cold winter.

So does my coat and it didn't cost £300!

(XL and XXL instock only)
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Not for everybody I know that
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You can add this to your list of cold deals. It's gonna get very chilly in here.
For £300 I would want this to haul me to the top of Everest, make me bacon & eggs when we get there and then arrange a date with 3 Victoria Secret models after it has carted my a*se back down the mountain.
Looks similar to one that I got from Mountain Warehouse for £29.99.
Brrrrrrggggghhhhh it's freezing in here! Anyone got a winter coat?
Its going to be so cold it will need this jacket!
lol at all the primark shoppers out in force on this deal.

To the OP, I can find it cheaper just using a quick search, lovely jacket though.
Ive got one (£169 from Go Outdoors a few years ago) and its so warm. Big and bulky mind you. Like wearing a sleeping bag with arms.
Jd sports did the same if not slightly similar north face coat for 250 not long ago
Have this coat and its brilliant. I can wear a t shirt under it on freezing cold days and its roasting.
Cheaper coats may keep you nearly as warm but they wont last. This coat was an investment for me and if I get 5 or 10 years out of it I will be v happy.
And as for the price, its a lot cheaper than some of the top end winter coats.
The only really annoying thing about the coat is the zip seems to be the wrong wa round (left to right not back to front).
Yes I don't think this is a particularly good price, I don't know what they are going for now but I've seen them as low as £160 at the TNF outlet at Cheshire Oaks. For me they are just not versatile enough to warrant the cost, too warm (and bulky), OK if you're going to spend a lot of time standing around in very cold conditions but even wearing one for a gentle stroll is likely to cause you to over heat.
These must be superb for going to Waitrose but pretending that you have come back from the Himalayas?
if anyone is after this deal and wants a large in black. its £287 here on amazon but only 1 left.

some other offers from £240 also but limited
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These are brilliant jackets for the extreme conditions. Possibly overkill in the UK but kept me toasty in the 2010 winter. Sometimes available cheaper but a good deal at the moment. Voted hot.
Not intended usage I know, but mine keeps me nice and toasty watching football through the Scottish winters. However this deal is awful as cheaper elsewhere and can often be found around £170
I got mine for £170 a few years ago.
I find you can get most North Face products cheaper elsewhere. Their sales used to be quite good, but I've not been impressed for the last 2 years.
There are a few sizes for £267 here:
Nevis Sport and e-outdoor often have good prices for North Face kit.
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