The Office : Complete BBC Series 2 [2 DVD] - £3.99 delivered @ Zavvi !

The Office : Complete BBC Series 2 [2 DVD] - £3.99 delivered @ Zavvi !

Found 28th Apr 2008Made hot 28th Apr 2008
Extra 10% discount for Virgin CC customers. Series 1 also available for £3.99

Next best price is £5.78 delivered ..

Synopsis : The return of the multi-award winning, fly-on-the-wall style comedy set in the Slough branch of Wernham-Hogg paper merchants. Change can be stressful, but manager David Brent reckons he can cope. He's got a new boss, he's been recruited to give motivational lectures and has to integrate the serious and dull Swindon lot with his own crazy brigade. Elsewhere, Tim's got a new office romance and Red Nose Day gives the whole office a chance to unwind - Finchy's still a riot, Keith still has eczema and Gareth has a talking cookie jar - and is still a tosser.


Series 1 and the Christmas Specials are £3.99 aksherlly! All three are much cheaper than elsewhere (£6.99 each for the other two at HMV). The OP should be about all three! :-D


hmm..if its all three - good price

Just brought 3 at 3.99 each Cheers =p

ordered then got an email saying 'One or more of the items you recently ordered from us is currently out of stock at our warehouse. We have ordered this product from our supplier and it will be shipped to you when it becomes available' :x

Ordered all 3 for less than £12 and got 3 emails saying that all of them are out of stock and are on back order. Zavvi are trying to entice new customers like me with offers like these when they have no intention of honouring their obligations. I won't buy anything from them until they deliver the goods.

The price has gone up to £9.99.

Yeah, only series one available at that price. I'd expire it, but that would be following the correct procedure, and that would just be silly.

i ordered all three last night around 10:30pm ish. Had confirmation email that they have been despatched looks like those who got the email with regards to them being out of stock were just plain unlucky.
cheers to the op for the deal and BristolDeal for pointing out about all 3. much appreciated.

Now back up to £20 !!!! Erk!!

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The price has gone up to £9.99.

Back @ £3.99
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