The Office: Complete Series 2 DVD £3.99 (Possibly £2.99) Delivered From HMV

The Office: Complete Series 2 DVD £3.99 (Possibly £2.99) Delivered From HMV

Found 24th Dec 2006
Found yet another bargain at HMV sale. Cheapest elsewhere at the moment is £9.99. Going via Quidco for further reduction.

You can possibly get this for £2.99 reading this thread:…362


Surely the finest comedy series since 'I'm Alan Partridge' and even equalling the legendary 'Fawlty Towers', 'The Office' returns for it's cringe inducing but essential second series. The Slough and Swindon branches of paper merchant Wernham-Hogg have now merged, with boss David Brent now having extra staff to impress with his own unique style of leadership. Though his new boss, ex-Swindon manger, Neil seems to be everything David's not, funny, popular and charming, a fact not lost on David who seems intend on trying to either copy Neil or undermine him at every turn. Else where in the office Tim and Dawn carry on their flirting, Keith has his appraisal, Finchy pops in to offend as many people as possible and Gareth sets his sites on one of the new girls from Swindon. While Comic Relief Day finds David in the mood to dance but also brings with it a shock, a shock which could spell the end of an era for 'The Office'.


Yeah ! I,ve ordered mine.......Bargain


Yeah ! I,ve ordered mine.......Bargain

Welcome to the forums exitalan :-D

Welcome to HotUKDeals exitalan and Thanks for the find tolgak too :santa:

Am I the only one that has problems ordering from HMV with Firefox? When I click on Buy buttons it doesn't do anything. Also, even when I used IE7 with the £1 voucher trick, at the end, I couldn't type in 1 into the voucher amount. I had to type 1 into notepad, then copy/paste it into the section on the checkout page. Strange...

In the end, I was able to place an order for £2.99 though, thanks! Try not to support DRM-protected music!!!

Got it for 2.99! And through Quidco! I love this site! Thanks!

Got my confirmation email through and it says £3.99. My account page on HMV says £2.99!

Bump! Thanks to PWolf for the reminder

Thanks from me too PWolf and again to original poster ;-)

Also available in-store for £4 along with Christmas Specials [Thanks Diodorus-siculus for that :)].


Still available, thanks tolgak :thumbsup:

Has anybody recieved theirs yet? Mine has not even been dispatched :-(

Just updating this thread once more.

Anybody whom ordered this from this offer did it materialise?

I STILL dont have mine and says awaiting stock

HMV clearly do have them in stock tho'!

I just cancelled mine. Couldn't be bothered to wait...

Showing as £7.99 now...guess I was too least I got the Extras deal a while back :thumbsup:

just had an email from hmv saying that mine has just been dispatched so i'm waiting anxiously, this hasnt happened for my xbox gtc steering controller yet so it should be right. Let you know when i actually receive it. Did anyone else get a copy ?

I got the despatch email too today :? the thing is, I cancelled the order ages ago as I couldn't be bothered to wait! If it turns up, a bonus I spose! :thumbsup: Heres hoping!

Definately, after the xbox steering wheel i wasnt holding out for much, so a bonus it shall be.

Wooo Hoo mines been dispatched this morning.
This after complaining to HMV of waiting months for it whom replied it was a Campaign item? and now out of stock and therefore no longer available.

I received mine this morning!!! :w00t: Wasn't expecting it at all as I had cancelled! I wonder if they took the money out....:whistling:

I wonder if my moaning stirred all this into action? Seems strange that just days later they are shipping them out.
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