The Office: Complete Series One - DVD Region 2 @ CD-WOW! only £3.99 or less delivered

The Office: Complete Series One - DVD Region 2 @ CD-WOW! only £3.99 or less delivered

Found 17th Feb 2008
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"Original and accurate and painfully funny: it will have every office in the country twitching with spasms of recognition...This is a gem" - The Times "Scarily realistic but hilarious" - The Observer If you did not get a copy of this as a Christmas present, then treat yourself to your own copy of The Office, the most talked about television series of 2002.

Catch up on all the action on humour of the first series. Truly one of those classic television series such as Blackadder and Only Fools and Horses that you can watch again and again with tears of laughter in your eyes. BAFTA winning comedy about a Slough paper merchant where life is stationary..

David Brent (Ricky Gervis) is a petty, pompous boss who thinks he is the coolest, funniest, most popoular man in the world. Pedantic jobsworth Gareth (Mackenzie Cooke) agrees with him. They are both wrong. Tim (Martin Freeman) relly is popular and funny but the joke is on him, as he's stuck in the middle of thier little world - a world in which he hates everything except the receptionist Dawn (Lucy Davis). Will Tim escape? Will Dawn choose the right man? Will MI6 ever call on Gareth to help them out? And will David Brent ever regret letting a film crew into The Office?

Winner of Best Sit-com & Best Comedy drama at the 2002 Royal TV Society, this six-part comedy series is set in a Slough paper merchants.

Episode 1: David Brent learns that his branch of the paper merchants might be closed down. But he promises his staff, that under his regime there will be no redundancies.

Episode 2: Donna arrives on work experience. But her first day at work is dominated by a dirty picture of her boss that's been e-mailed around the office.

Episode 3: It's Tim's birthday. But it's also the annual quiz night. Will Brent and Finchy be able to beat the young pretenders Tim & Ricky?

Episode 4: Rowan, a management consultant, has come to Wernham Hogg to give the staff a special training day.

Episode 5: Even though some of the staff may be made redundant, Brent decides to take on a new secretary. Naturally, he chooses the prettiest woman.

Episode 6: It's judgement day on whether the office is to be downsized...


One of the best programmes ever made.

Even if you've never seen it before, it's worth a go at this price.

I'm not finding that on CD WOW ??

Only UK series 1 is 13.99, was it a temporary pricing error ?

That would be an amazing price for series 1.


One of the best programmes ever made.

100% agree

I doubt if this ever was an offer, its expired so quickly

Oh, and yes- agreed... one of best TV programmes ever!!


If people can bare to part with an extra £2, it is £5.99 on P … If people can bare to part with an extra £2, it is £5.99 on Play.com

still a good price I think and well worth it :thumbsup:
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