The Omen Pentology [6 DVD Boxset] £6.26* delivered @ The Hut

The Omen Pentology [6 DVD Boxset] £6.26* delivered @ The Hut

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Found 9th Jul 2010
Includes the films THE OMEN (1976) [2 disc special edition], THE OMEN (2006), DAMIEN: OMEN II, OMEN III: THE FINAL CONFLICT, and OMEN IV: THE AWAKENING. In the original version of THE OMEN, wealthy American official Robert Thorn's wife Kate has just lost her first child. At the behest of a strange priest, Robert substitutes an orphaned child for his own without Kate's knowledge, and soon the small family is living an idyllic existence on a lavish estate in England. But when the child Damian turns five years old, strange things begin to happen and Kate begins to notice odd things about her child, such as his strange provocation of animals and his increasingly pronounced withdrawal from her. By the time she begins fearing for her life, however, it may be too late, and it's up to her husband to figure out once and for all if the child really is the spawn of Satan. The 2006 version of THE OMEN updates the terrifying story where unspeakable evil is unleashed through Damien - Satan's son and the Anti-****. DAMIEN: OMEN II is the second chilling instalment of THE OMEN series where Damien is now a teenage military academy student, and one step nearer the White House. OMEN III finds Damien the Anti-**** now a wealthy and powerful ambassador. When he sees a cosmic sign that may foretell the second coming of the **** child, he sends out his minions to kill as many babies as possible. Meanwhile, a group of monks is trying to assassinate him with the seven sacred daggers of Megiddo. Will good or evil triumph? In OMEN IV, Damien returns in the form of a beautiful baby girl, Delia. Adopted by rich, influential attorneys, Delia appears to be a perfect angel. But satanic terror and destruction seem to follow wherever she goes.

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