The Open University Tree Of Life poster
The Open University Tree Of Life poster

The Open University Tree Of Life poster

Explore evolution in your own home, with our gorgeous wall poster. Since we launched it at the start of 2009 we've given over 300,000 copies away. Showing all the branches of evolution, and lavishly illustrated, you can have your copy delivered to your door - for free, from The Open University. This poster supports all the programmes in the Darwin season - Life, Tree Of Life, Dangerous Idea and In Darwin's Garden.


great, thank you very much. Looks very interesting, just ordered. Heat added,

Long delivery time due to demand but worth the wait hopefully :thumbsup:

heat added hope its good thnx

Not for the Creationalists :w00t:

Got mine nice poster for the kids thanks :thumbsup:

I've already got this on the wall. Is a great freebie.

Thanks, h&r

Cheers, added heat - link also needs updating.

great one just ordered

Mine arrived today. Really good quality, interesting and quick delivery.

Just ordered, heat + rep for the poster!

Thanks, just requested one. Love free stuff

Thanks. Just ordered mine. Heat added.


Although the confirmation page it a but rude....

"You have requested the following:


How rude!
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