the opposite of aloof vol. 2 by Various Artists - Free Download @ Bandcamp

the opposite of aloof vol. 2 by Various Artists - Free Download @ Bandcamp

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roughly 6 months after the first instalment of 'the opposite of aloof', we return with volume 2. these 13 tracks by artists from 7 countries expand ACR's mission statement and widen our musical focus. there is beautiful ambient music, there are intense drones, but the compilation also explores new waters - Philip Glass-esque orchestral arrangements, gentle glitchy piano, soulful field recordings, or abstract songwriting combined with unintelligible singing. this is strange music - simultaneously dark and light, ecstatic and desperate, strange and familiar.

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Also available on cassette tape!

I've tried listening to the first 2 tracks on the web page, but it seems there's a problem with their player - all I can hear is some weird random noise... I'll download the album to see what's it's really like...

Edit: I've downloaded it, and it appears that there wasn't a problem with the web player - this is just random noise... Oh well, at least it was free!
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Agree I should have my car brakes recorded
Great deal   Thanks OP 👌
Individual tracks are now not free, but you can download the entire album for free
I listened to a bit of each track, not really music, just ambient tones with lots of reverb plus noise and effects.

I suspect someone might like it, maybe instead of white noise whilst trying to sleep.
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