The Orange Box £4.99 on PC
The Orange Box £4.99 on PC

The Orange Box £4.99 on PC

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Saw another deal in the Warrington Toys R Us today. This was also in the sale along with Frontlines Fuel of War, The Club and turning Point. They were all at £4.99.

These were in the sale. The deals must be specific to certain stores as I noticed Halo 2 for the PC was £9.99 when its £2.49 in another store that was post here.

I've checked online but I've not seen them.


Hot deal, Is there anyone in the area that could get me a copy and i'll pay for any costs. I requested this on deals last week.

Many thanks in advance.

Very good price, paid £22 ish through steam for it about 8 months ago...loving TF2 great game, havent even touched HL2 lol

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Anyone - pretty please!

Hmm may check my local one. Always have random deals in there, but you really do have to get lucky or dig them out!

Damn wish they had it near me, couldn't you bought some and posted on?

Expired and spammed?? why?



Damn wish they had it near me, couldn't you bought some and posted on?

Why should he? Not everyone on HUKD has nothing to do.


Expired and spammed?? why?BFM

Because a good percentage of the people who use this website are the kind of people you expect to struggle when using a calculator, let alone a PC.

They see a deal on the main page, click on the 'Go To Deal' link, and if the deal doesn't magically appear for them online, they fail to engage their paltry collection of brain cells by actually bothering to read the original post, which makes it clear that it's not an online deal.

This site is often ruined by the idiots who are incapable of using it the way they should.

Great original deal, by the way.

Hot, but can't vote.

Incredible price, I've never bought The Orange Box as I felt absolutely conned by Valve when I had to buy HL2 twice due to Steam issues.

I have played through Portal and Episode 2 but quite fancy trying TF:2. If anyone happens to go to Toys R Us, I'd love a copy

I actually picked this up in Toys R Us on Old Kent Road on Saturday at around lunchtime - couldn't post on here as BT decided to disconnect my internet for no known reason and now want me to sign up for a new 18 month contract to get it reconnected; but that's another story.

Why is this expired?! There were a few left at the Old Kent Road store - I was at the checkout before thinking I should buy the rest so didn't bother going back.

Didn't have the orange box at my local, however I did manage to pick up Team Fortress 2 for £4.99 which is still mega hot.
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