The Orb - U.F.Off - The Best Of CD £2.99 delivered @ Play
The Orb - U.F.Off - The Best Of CD £2.99 delivered @ Play

The Orb - U.F.Off - The Best Of CD £2.99 delivered @ Play

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The title, coupled with a sleeve depicting an Apollo launch pad with a huge middle finger giving that gesture, summarises the ethos of former Killing Joke roadie Alex Patterson's The Orb. Their musical scale is gargantuan and fearlessly meandering, taking in ambient, reggae, techno and innumerable mutated samples. In order to pre-empt "prog-rave" tags or accusations of Pink Floyd-style pretentiousness, however, Paterson and his various collaborators always took a facetious, self-deflating approach.

1. A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld
2. Little Fluffy Clouds
3. Perptual Dawn
4. Blue Room
5. Assassin
6. Pomme Fritz
7. Toxtgene
8. Outlands
9. DJ Asylum
10. Mickey Mars
11. Towers Of Dub
12. Pi


Great album well worth a few quid

So good I almost want to buy it again

In fairness it is worth 2.99, but The Orb went extremely "****" after UF Orb (Pomme Fritz was not as bad as some make out though) so you have to pick and choose stuff after that.

??? Shows £4.49 for me

(or £2.98 for second hand.....?)

Original Poster mod


??? Shows £4.49 for me(or £2.98 for second hand.....?)

Expired then

It's toxygene not toxtgene.

Worth about 2.99 these days.
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