The Orphanage (BluRay) £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Play
The Orphanage (BluRay) £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

The Orphanage (BluRay) £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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A haunting and heartbreaking plot full of unimaginable scares and creeping, undefined dread; Juan Antonio Bayona's astounding debut The Orphanage stands as one of the most beautiful and moving horror movies in recent history.

Adopting seven-year-old, sweet natured, and imaginative Simon (Roger Princep) has awoken complex feelings in happily married Laura (Belen Rueda). Having been adopted herself and feeling a need for closure, Laura persuades her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo) to buy the dilapidated institute where she spent the earliest, happiest, years of her life and reopen the orphanage as a facility for disabled children. As they move in to the silent, stately manor where something ominous haunts the darkened hallways, Simon's behaviour becomes increasingly reserved and malevolent. Carlos pins Simon's actions as a desperate bid to get more attention from his distracted parents but Laura isn't convinced and embarks on a desperate quest to unearth the terrible secret that lurks in the old house.

Taking inspiration from everything from Peter Pan to Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, director Juan Antonio Bayona and producer Guillermo del Toro (The Devil's Backbone) have produced a highly imaginative and well made film that induces fear throughout. With a musical score that elicits shudders from the outset and a heart-wrenching plot that filters unimaginable horror through a fairytale frame, The Orphanage is a unique, intelligent, spine-tingling, yet heartfelt horror that is as unsettling as Guillermo del Toro's Pans Labyrinth.

Making of Featurette
Deleted scenes
Interview with Bayona and Del Toro in Budapest UK Exclusive Q&A with Bayona at Curzon Mayfair
Casting & Rehearsals
Designs & Sounds & Lighting & Storyboards & more


Sub titles :\


Sub titles :\

Wouldn't let that put you off, brilliant film hot from me


what the hell, wasent this released in the cinema's last week ???

No, this has been around for a while, i picked it up from hmv for £5.99 back in may


what the hell, wasent this released in the cinema's last week ???

You're thinking of Orphan.

£6 at CEX - although limited stock obviously.

not perfect, but well worth a watch.


an amazing film. Yeah is in spanish with sub titles.

brilliant reviews, im a massive fan of foreign films, i watched pans labyrinth last night and ive bought amores perros as well, class films!

cheers for this, was gonna buy it last week for 9.99 so happy i didnt, ordered now!

Great film, watched it with the mrs who said at the end...i f*cking hate you for making me watch that :whistling::-D

It's also £7.99 at ]HMV with an exclusive sleeve.

BRILLIANT film, one of my favourites from last year without a doubt. Loved it far more then I did Pans Labyrinth on first viewing.

Fantastic it film, if you haven't seen get it now!

Don't be put off by subtitles peeps, if you haven't watched an entire film with sub's before try it and you will find that after 10mins or so you forget you're even reading them and become immersed in the film. It's far better than dubbing!

Yea how dare "foreign" people make films and not speak British , its disgusting its all Gordon Blair's fault innit I'm going to write to the Daily Mail and make sure they do a text vote .

I really enjoyed this movie. voted hot

didn`t rate it myself

Hot from me. I loved this film.

great film!

Good price for a good film and no doubt there will most likely be a Hollywood re-make which will spoil it.
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