The Partridge Family - The Complete 1st Season (3 Discs) - £7.73

The Partridge Family - The Complete 1st Season (3 Discs) - £7.73

Found 31st May 2008
The next cheapest at £13.42 - Amazon :-)
(not counting Dixons, Lovefilm, Asda, Currys.....same company)

5% cashback thourgh Quidco

It's TV's favourite family of rock 'n' rollers, who hit the road in their groovy bus and turn the world on to catchy pop songs such as "I Think I Love You," "I Woke Up In Love This Morning" and "Somebody Wants To Love You."

The Partridge Family's six members feature mum Shirley (Shirley Jones) and her five kids: Keith (David Cassidy, who is also Jones' real-life stepson), Laurie (Susan Dey), Danny (Danny Bonaduce), Tracy (Suzanne Crough) and Chris (Jeremy Gelbwaks). And who can forget the Partridge's frequently exasperated manager, Reuben Kincaid (Dave Madden), who would become an important member of their family whether he liked it or not?

The show debuted in September of 1970 and made a teen idol out of David Cassidy, selling millions of records along the way. They may have parked that bus a long time ago but The Partridge Family is still making fans happy!

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