The Patriot / A Knight's Tale / Ned Kelly (3 DVD Boxset) £2.99 with voucher link @ CDWow
The Patriot / A Knight's Tale / Ned Kelly (3 DVD Boxset) £2.99 with voucher link @ CDWow

The Patriot / A Knight's Tale / Ned Kelly (3 DVD Boxset) £2.99 with voucher link @ CDWow

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The Patriot : Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) distinguished himself in the French and Indian Wars but now lives in peace with his seven children on his sprawling South Carolina plantation. The horrors of conflict come back to haunt him, however, when his headstrong eldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) defies his orders to join the American army. Unwilling to get involved himself, Benjamin reluctantly joins the fight when second eldest son Thomas (Gregory Smith) is killed in cold blood by sadistic British officer, Colonel Tavington (Jason Isaacs). Determined to protect the rest of his family and sister-in-law Charlotte (Joely Richardson) from harm, Benjamin takes up arms alongside his patriotic son Gabriel, leading a brave militia into battle against the overwhelming English army.

A Knight's Tale: Heath Ledger is William Thatcher, a peasant squire who breaks all the rules when he passes himself off as a nobleman and takes the jousting world by storm. The only thing that stands between William and his dream of becoming the world champion of this most extreme of competitions is the bad boy of the sport, Count Adhemar. And when the two rivals go lance to head at the world finals to determine who will be named the ultimate champion, you'd better arm yourself and hang on tight for the thrill ride of your life!

Ned Kelly: The true story of the most notorious outlaw of his time; persecuted by the police and hunted by an empire, Ned Kelly had the largest reward in the world on his head. Forced into hiding when his family was unlawfully imprisoned, Ned and his gang soon became folklore...


Anyone confirming the voucher works, please. It does not work for me.

works for me

Not working fo me either. Am I doing something wrong?

At he end of The Patriot, America is saved by the arrival of their loyal allies, just in the nick of time. Who are these "loyal allies"? Why, it's the "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys", the French.

The Patriot is a really superb film.
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