The Perfect Storm £2.69 @

The Perfect Storm £2.69 @

Found 6th Jan 2011
George Clooney plays Billy Tyne, captain of the Andrea Gail who has been plagued by bad luck at sea and is on a poor run of catches. Frustrated by the huge hauls of the Hannah Boden, captained by Linda Greenlaw (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), Tyne decides to head back out to sea for the Flemish Cap, a remote area renowned for its rich fishing prospects. He is joined by a number of his regular crew including Billy Shatford (Mark Wahlberg), Dale Murphy (John C Reilly), David Sullivan (William Fichtner), Alfred Pierre (Allen Payne) and Michael Moran (John Hawkes). Sure enough, Tyne's luck changes for the better at the Flemish Cap and the Andrea Gail catches a full haul. Buoyed by the money that awaits them back home, the crew sets off back to Gloucester, but disturbing weather patterns hamper their progress, and they soon find themselves battling against 100ft waves and 120mph winds that threaten to tear the boat apart.
Over 45 minutes Of Added Value Footage
Audio Commentaries With Wolfgang Petersen & Sebastian Junger
HBO Documentary 'Creating The Storm'
Real Life Interviews With Witnesses To The Storm
Stills Gallery
239 Stills Plus Conceptual Art With Commentary By Wolfgang Petersen


great film


great film

TBH I've never managed to watch the thing all the way through, but after 20 mins I was begging them to get on with it and do the big wave bit. After 30 mins I switched off! Maybe it improves after that...

he dies in the end

Good film well worth £2.69

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