The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop (3 Disc) @ only £9.99 delivered!

The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop (3 Disc) @ only £9.99 delivered!

Found 21st Apr 2009
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Pretty Penelope finds peril at every pit stop, pursued by Sylvester Sneakly (alias The Hooded Claw and also alias the incomparable voice of peerless Paul Lynde) until the notorious Ant Hill Mob somehow bumble to herrescue. But don't let Penelope's girly Southern belle drawl fool you. This damsel in distress can fight back, aided by her stylish retro-chic go-go boots! If you loved Wacky Races, you'll love this spoofy spinoff with Penelope Pitstop, the girl with beauty and brains (other than her inability to figure out Sneakly's dual identity). Enjoy all 17 fun-packedadventures in one racy package with a marvelous mob of DVD extras!

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