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The Persistence Enhanced (PS5) - £8.95 @ The Game Collection

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Fight for survival and save a doomed deep space colony starship infested with murderous clone printed mutations of the former crew. Gather resources, upgrade your abilities and unlock an arsenal of weaponry as you journey deeper into the decks of ‘The Persistence’ in this brutal sci-fi horror game.


PS5 Features include raytracing modes and immersive haptic feedback for DualSense.
Use darkness and cover to avoid being overwhelmed by the ship’s deadly new inhabitants.
Seek out the weapon fabricators to increase your firepower as you journey deeper, into the dark and terrifying depths, but beware- ammo is limited.
Gather materials & schematics for weapon upgrades and suit customizations with buffs.
Harvest DNA material to improve health, toughness and defensive capabilities.
Survive an ever-changing labyrinth. Each and every expedition into The Persistence will be disorienting and different.
Death is just the beginning. Fatal encounters will result in Zimri’s consciousness being uploaded into a new cloned body, ready to try again, with any upgraded stats, suits & weapon schematics kept to aid the next attempt to save the ship.
Team up with a friend. Connect a phone or tablet running IOS or Android to the game to take control of ‘Solex’ – the ship’s engineering system.
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