The Peter Kay Collection - Phoenix Nights [Box Set] for £8.86 @ The Hut

The Peter Kay Collection - Phoenix Nights [Box Set] for £8.86 @ The Hut

Found 1st Oct 2011
Use code PAYB0X10

Set in a northern social club, Peter Kay co-writes and stars as a range of characters in this unique comedy classic. Peter plays Brian Potter, the wheelchair-bound owner of the fire-blighted Phoenix Club in Bolton, who's determined to see it rise from the ashes. Aiding Brian at the Phoenix are his motley staff: the resident MC Jerry St Clair (Dave Spikey); the dangerously keen electrician/DJ Ray; the useless doormen Max and Paddy; the bar and cleaning staff Holy, Mary and Marion; the gormless handyman Kenny; and the musical twosome Alan and Les (Les Alanos).

Phoenix Nights Series 1 sees legendary social club owner Brian Potter and his hapless band of staff and regulars determined to make the Phoenix Club a success, no matter what. Not even a racist folk band, an unforeseeable psychic or a drunken horse will get in the way of their dream that "club land will never die".

In Phoenix Nights Series 2, life is not going Brian Potter's way. He has lost everything: his license, his friends and his beloved Phoenix Club in a mysterious fire. But as Brian says, "there's only one way to go when you're on the bones of your **** and that's up". As he rallies the old gang back together, it's time to raise the Phoenix from the flames once again.
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Classic show, best line possibly by an unwitting Stuart Maconie in the Crimetime episode. "Police probe Leeds girls snatch......"
Thanks - bought
love dave spikey alias jerry the saint st clair working as a greeter in asda and singing about black bin bags never been able to go shopping in asda since and look at the greeter guys without sniggering. ( denzil swansea asda you were a lengend as a greeter mate)
Ordered, love this show, just need max and paddy now !! Genius :-)
Quality series, code not working for me!

Quality series, code not working for me!

I have updated the code - should work now
Clinton Baptiste....possibly the greatest character of all…-aQ
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I'm getting the word.............

I'm getting the word.............

Quality series

" its a 20 foot cock and balls man"

Know it will be filtered but pure hilarity
NEXT........................Brilliant series/s............WE WANT MORE
Great price for a bloody good series but cant get the code to work sad times
Code not working matey
Heat added tho- great find
Heat added tho- great find
Max and Paddy's beer run to France dressed as priests. Magic!
the only good thing peter kay has done.
Cheers - just bought it and code worked fine. Heat added
i never found this funny, i must be the only person in britain who doesn't like it!
This guy is too funny
Ding dang do!!
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