The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection 4 DVD Boxset only £6.97 @ Amazon!

The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection 4 DVD Boxset only £6.97 @ Amazon!

Found 10th Sep 2008Made hot 11th Sep 2008
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For the first time ever on DVD you can own the complete cartoon collection! The box set includes all 124 original theatrical Pink Panther cartoons from the 1960s and 1970s plus 37 minutes of unseen footage. Take a nostalgic trip back in time and remember the cartoons that made you laugh out loud!


The UK release is missing the top and bottoms of the cartoons to make it look widescreen.

Why would they do that? ...idiots :oops:

Great price if it doesn't bother too much with the viewing... Wouldn't like to say how the cropping affects it but if anyone has any comment I'd be glad to hear!

Still voting hot though as at that price it's a cracker for kids now, who probably haven't seen the real ones!

Apparently later episodes are better. I think the characters take up less of thescreen in the later episodes or something. Anyway what it means is it's all cropped but the first series has lots of feet and the tops of heads cut off and the later series less so. There'd still be detail missing but from scenery more than characters. The exact same set is available (albeit more expensive) from The region 1 version kept the original ratio with no cropping so you have to import it to get the full picture. The cartoons have been made a certain way so removing parts of the picture invariably affects the cartoon.
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