The Pink Panther Collection - Box Set 6DVD RRP: £58.79 Now £9.85 Delivered @ Zavvi
The Pink Panther Collection - Box Set 6DVD RRP: £58.79 Now  £9.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

The Pink Panther Collection - Box Set 6DVD RRP: £58.79 Now £9.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

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A six-disc box set, including five films and one disc of extra features:
* The Pink Panther
* A Shot in the Dark
* The Pink Panther Strikes Again
* Revenge of the Pink Panther
* Trail of the Pink Panther

Special Features

* New Inside Pink Panther documentary
* 1978 special That’s Panthertainment
* Behind the Feline: Cartoon Phenomenon
* 6 Pink Panther cartoons, including the Academy Award winning The Pink Phink
* The Unknown Peter Sellers documentary
* The Commercial Peter Sellers - "making of" documentary
* Highly collectible 8-page booklet
* Shots in the Dark photo gallery
* Audio Commentary


Thanks kindly for sharing.

Sellers is a legend! Been after this cheap for a while!

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Not Now Kato !!!

You're welcome

Any info on whether tis would work on XP64 Pro?


Thanks kindly for sharing.Sellers is a legend!

Couldn't agree more!!! The toe curling remake efforts with Steve Martin should never have happened!!

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Couldn't agree more!!! with That Comment

Steve Martin is in a class of his own, and so was Peter Sellers, the two cannot play one character the same way. Great price for superb films, thanks

are these in separate slim-line cases ?

Good price, but as you will all probably know, its missing "The Return of the Pink Panther".

Having grown up with these films I also couldn't agree more that the Steve Martin version was dreadful and is dumbed down (overly predictable) comedy that shouldnt have been released.

OT: just seen the Girl With Dragon Tatoo which was fantastic even with dubbed english - no doubt the Hollywood remake (despite it only being out for 1 year) will maime it.
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which pink panther is this missing (not including the steve martin ones)

lol thanks jazid
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Only One

The Return Of The Pink Panther [DVD] [1975]
i picked it up cheaply in another box set shown below I'd shop around for it


Great deal, but would want the missing one before buying. Wonder why they left out possibly the best one ?

Didn't Hollywood do another Godawful one with Alan Arkin (badly) playing Ins. Clouseau ?
The yanks can't get it into their heads that their top stars are not the talents they give them credit as being.

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Yes They did but I think the sellers movies were the best

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( Why The Return Of The Pink Panther Isn't Included)
Unlike the previous three Panther films, The Return of the Pink Panther was released by Artisan Entertainment. However, United Artists was not directly involved in the production of this film.
At the time of its release, UA sold their rights to independent company ITC Entertainment, which intended to make a Pink Panther television miniseries starring Sellers and Lom. However, early in pre-production, ITC made the decision to make a feature film.
As of the present, UA continues to hold the copyright as well as theatrical distribution rights (as MGM currently holds theatrical rights to the ITC feature film library). When the film made its television premiere in 1976, UA also held television rights until ITC, by contract, took over television syndication, which is why for later TV airings the ITC television logo, instead of the then-current UA/Transamerica logo, preceded the film. But in 2008, UA (via sister company MGM) acquired, for the first time ever, domestic television syndication and internet distribution rights (the MGM logo precedes current internet and television airings of The Return of the Pink Panther). However, those are the only rights UA has to this film.
Due to rights issues and management changes involving ITC Entertainment, MGM/UA did not originally hold select ancillary rights beyond their original theatrical distribution license. As a result, other video companies (under license from ITC) such as CBS/Fox Video and Live Entertainment (as well as Live's successor Artisan Entertainment) handled home video versions. These issues caused The Return of the Pink Panther to enter litigation for a brief time, which is why MGM Home Entertainment did not include The Return of the Pink Panther in a 2004 DVD box set of Pink Panther films or the 2008 "Ultimate" collection, and will not do so for future collections.
MGM was also not given permission to include material from this movie in its 2006 publication "Pink Panther: The Ultimate Guide to the Coolest Cat in Town", although footage from the movie does appear in the ending credits of Trail of the Pink Panther, since they could include it in a feature film and the film's home video release.
The remaining rights to The Return of the Pink Panther outside of domestic media distribution have reverted to Universal Pictures (via its Focus Features division), which recently assumed the video rights from Artisan/Lions Gate Home Entertainment. Universal Pictures/Focus Features portion of the rights are in partnership with ITC's successor-in-interest ITV Global Entertainment Ltd.. The Blu-ray of this film will be released by Lionsgate in 2011.

Hope This Clears Things Up !!!!

TheHut.com also has a same price £9.85 and SendIt.com has £9.89

I bought the 'complete collection' the other day, and opened it to discover that it was basically this boxset, the cartoon collection, and a seperate DVD of Return all bundled together.Doesn't bother me, but thought it interesting nonetheless
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