The Potty Putter £5.95 @ Zavvi
The Potty Putter £5.95 @ Zavvi

The Potty Putter £5.95 @ Zavvi

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Reading the paper on the loo has had its day - why not perfect your putt instead!

Golf fans would spend every day on the course if they could but annoying obstacles like working or sleeping get in the way. Why waste your time with dull toilet breaks when you could be playing golf instead?

Maximize your skills on the green by putting in some potty putting practice everyday. Your friends will wonder why your handicap keeps improving while you wait for them to pot their ball.

Whether its at work or at home, simply lay out your green and let the games begin. Toilet Golf includes a mini putting Green, a club, a cup with a flag, two golf balls and a do not disturb door hanger. Now you can sink putts where you have never sunk them before!
Reading the paper on the loo has had its day - why not perfect your putt instead!

A great gift for any golfer.

- A telescopic club for easy storage.

- Extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom


Looks err, hygienic.


Looks err, hygienic.


Gives a new meaning to hole in one.

As featured on scott mills, soon ;-)


Better hope you don't get the ball in the 'rough' :oops:

Original Poster

Better hope your balls don't drop in a water hazard and if you three putt usually means you have dropped one

does this involve stroke play? :whistling:

This looks Sh*t. Lol

just ordered it using my £2.50 discount code i won on here !! will make a great novelty xmas gift

wheres the pishing wedge?

why has the bloke got no undercaks on
and what happens if you miss and have to get up and go and get the ball :oops:

could not stop laughing at this picture thanks for cheering me up:-D

awsome comments, cant stop laughing!

Don't forget, if you finish the loo roll you have the necessary equipment to upgrade this to crazy golf

AAAAARRRRRR!!!!!! just come out of A&E today broke my jaw on the toilet seat when i tripped on a stupid golf ball!!! lol serious hazard.

Ordered. Complete with the $100 bill loo roll!

Something to do when doing the BIG one eh? wouldn't go well with the missus i think. :thinking:

Whoever came up with this invention must have loved taking a dump and playing golf. Just saying :whistling:

LOL, guess everything that can be invented hasn't been invented yet.

Fore --- Skin!

A totally chavvy product.

Voted hot purely for all the comments.... LOL

This will do fine for this years secret santa...............

That,s grandads xmas prezzie sorted.

So sir how did you end up with your trousers around your ankles and a golf club stuck up your nose.:santa:

That is utterly tasteless.

Have some heat.


*Insert toilet humour* Heat added!

heat added , however since it already takes my hubby 45 mins minimum to complete his erm "round" on the lav each morning and about 4 hrs to complete his round on the green I don't know if this is such a good idea given that we only have 1 toilet . Mind you I suppose I could take up the sport just to annoy him for a change ! :P

Let's hope the guy in the picture isnt actually taking a dump, in that seating position there would be pish all over the green.

Buy two and get ya mate to play on the bidet!!!!!

That golf club could get dirty :oops:

Heat and rep
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