The Prestige (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ !

The Prestige (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ !

Found 14th Apr 2008Made hot 14th Apr 2008
Are you watching closely?

From acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins), comes a mysterious story of two magicians whose intense rivalry leads them on a life-long battle for supremacy with dangerous and deadly consequences.

From the time that they first met as young magicians on the rise, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) were competitors. However, their friendly competition evolves into a bitter rivalry making them fierce enemies-for-life and consequently jeopardizing the lives of everyone around them. Full of twists and turns, The Prestige is set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century London, with an exceptional cast that includes two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and David Bowie. Based on the novel by Christopher Priest.


seems a good price, i got it for £1.89 when it was april fools at haven't watched it yet though:oops:

Really good film I thought, certainly worth it at this price and would go for it if i Didn't already have it!

Really great film.

Brilliant movie. Jackman and Bale are both tremendous.

Great film - don't forget to use quidco

My favourite ever movie, fi you like twist and turns and spending the hour after it has finished debating what went on then go for it. Nolan is pure gold (with the possible exception of insomnia...)

got mine for 1.something... plus quidco :-D

Best film for ages

Agree with above comments, it certainly has a lot of twists in it! If I ever paid for DVD's I'd buy it at this price!

Awesome Film. Effortlessly within my Top 10 Films.

Voted Hawt!

:thumbsup: Cheap! good flick! Hawt!

Picked it up for 1.89 a few weeks ago, not a bad film.

Good film but not a patch on the book. Voted hot.

Voted hot, in my personal top ten films ever. Chris Nolan has to be this countries greatest living director.

Great cameo by David Bowie as well

Particularly good value as you will need to watch it twice (at least!).

I would also throw it in my top ten (and i watch A LOT of movies)
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