The Princess Castle (Not Disney) - 99p delivered

The Princess Castle (Not Disney) - 99p delivered

Found 5th Nov 2006
Nice little stocking filler for anybody's little princess!

Like a lot of seven year old girls, Claire dreams a secret dream of being a princess, riding astride a wondrous pony and dancing till dawn at a ball in a beautiful castle. But when reality jolts her back to her suburban home, instead of dancing she's charged with baby-sitting her bratty , toddler sister Caitlin.

Just as Claire resigns herself to a life of such drudgery, Caitlin opens a secret doorway under the stairs. Inside, Claire and Caitlin discover a mysterious ancient trunk, a beautiful locket and a sparklong invitation tha whisks Claire and her sister away to a dreamy fairytale kingdom far, far away.

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