The Prisoner Complete Series 6 DVD BoxSet: (RRP £60) only £26.99

The Prisoner Complete Series 6 DVD BoxSet: (RRP £60) only £26.99

Found 18th Jul 2006
This is a good price for this classic TV show - it is £39.99 everywhere else! It was a wee bit before my time, so I'm not overly familiar with the show, but I know it was a classic hit and has loads of fans.

Remember 6% quidco for roughly £1.80 cashback!

Details: This brand new re-packaged exclusive version of the classic TV series The Prisoner features stylish fold-out digipack packaging, emblazoned with classic images and stills from the series. The set now includes the 35th Anniversary DVD disc as well as the complete series, bringing the disc count up to 6. The discs themselves now feature images of key characters from the series, with McGoohan taking pride of place on disc 6. ne of the all time best classic cult TV shows is out now in an excellent complete box set. "The Prisoner" is a highly original show that confused and enthralled audiences in the sixties when it was first broadcast and is still as original today. Telling the story of a top ranking secret agent who suddenly resigns only to be kidnapped and find himself in a strange place known only as the village. Here he was given the name Number Six and was tormented each week by a different character playing Number Two. Most episodes concentrated on Number 6 either trying to escape or trying to find out what the village was there for. A highly original series that still looks as good today as it did back in the sixties.


OMG the Prisoner!
It had the most surreal ending to any show I've seen.
Nice one!

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Good stuff X10! I though this was passed over and vanished into the ether of HUKD. Have you gone for one?

]emmajk42 - I wish I had £29.99 spare to buy some DVD's, if I did this would be on my list. This is a great find though, so thank you.


I just thought I'd mention that although Virgin's online shop is quoting £59.99 for the Prisoner DVD Boxset, last week in the Perth Virgin Megastore I picked it up for £19.99 so it would be worth checking your local shop before buying online. :grin:

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HMMM! You mean leave the comfort of my computer chair and venture into the burning sunlight!!?

Only kidding, that's always an option for things like this. Believe it or not, sometimes better deals CAN be found in shops. Thanks rbuckley and a big warm welcome to HUKD!!!

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This has now reduced from the £29.99 when first posted to £26.99 - updating the top post :lol:

OMG - stop tempting me even more.

"I'm not a number, I am a free man!"

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OMG - stop tempting me even more."I'm not a number, I am a free man!"

Er... you are a self-proclaimed number... 10 :lol:


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