The Prisoner: The Ultimate Collection Box Set (6 Discs) - £17.99******
The Prisoner: The Ultimate Collection Box Set (6 Discs) - £17.99******

The Prisoner: The Ultimate Collection Box Set (6 Discs) - £17.99******

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I would not normally post an item that is out of stock, but seeing as this is play.com, and it is "temporarily" out of stock, then I'll post this in the belief that it will be in stock shortly. It is priced at £17.99 and the cheapest elsewhere is £27 for this item, so that's a great saving. This is a classic show, well worth the money

Details: The Prisoner is an extraordinary TV series that not only entertains but also offers you the chance to philosphise or ponder the human condition. It is highly regarded as one of the most famous, the most acclaimed and most of intriguing of British cult TV adventure series. Staring Emmy award winner Patrick McGoohan as Number Six. A man removed from his position in a secret organisation and trapped in a nightmare village where his thoughts and movements are controlled by an unknown force- represented by the ever changing Number Two. A taut psycho-thriller, The Prisoner was highly influential when aired on ITV in 1967 and 1968 and it remains as relevant and intriguing as ever. This box set includes the complete series with all 17 episodes as well as the 35th Anniversary companion disc (an essential addition with a whole host of informative and fun features) packed with hours of extras all packaged together for the first time in one definitive set!


Didn't you post this before, from a different retailer, is this an even better price?!


Ah yes, I see, £26.99 from HMV before.
Top Spot ]emmajk42

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Ayup - but this definitely deserves a post of its oiwn at that price. I'm gutted actually - I bought it for the dearer price a few weeks ago, I didn't expect it to go this low so soon.


GR8 post, as always Emma.

I Nearly bought this sometime ago but held off due to £26 + price.

Just ordered it - they have confirmed order but flagged a ? against the price.

Now I'm off to purchase that Dell sub £500 laptop, just posted, as my daughter has rang to let us know she obtained 3 straight A's in her exams - next stop York uni.

Regards from an over the moon eggman.

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Thanks eggman.

Conratulations to the daughter - that's great news! She deserves a laptop definitely!

I hope play honour this, the ? by the price sounds dubious. Fingers crossed anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Sorry, but,


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Sorry, but,I AM NOT A NUMBER!

:lol: LOL :lol:


Thanks Emma - just thought you would like 2 know - your'e fab post has just dropped thro' my letterbox - takes me back many a year - nice 1 too Play.
6 Discer of the Prisoner...........
Keep up the good work everyone - the best bargain site ever.

Mine has just popped through the letter box too - still can't believe the price:thumbsup:

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I couldn't believe the price either! That's why I posted it! I'm really glad you guys have received your packages And thanks for the praise eggman!!!


Thought it worth resurecting Emma - still £17.99 at Play still watching it - still to buy that Laptop - 3 weks left to Uni.

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This deal is still available folks! Bargain indeed!

Any choices on the laptop yet Eggy?


It's leaning 2 wards Dell, Emma, thanks for asking. They R doing Intersest free credit and free(?) shipping on there duo core thingy. Should last for 3 years then. May as well order 2. Tee Hee!


Wtf. 6 year old deal getting comments
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