The Professionals - The Complete Series [16 Disc Box Set] DVD £27.48 @ Amazon

The Professionals - The Complete Series [16 Disc Box Set] DVD £27.48 @ Amazon

Found 7th Dec 2009
Ray Doyle, William Bodie. An ex-cop, an ex-soldier. Thrown together to join George Cowley's new CI5 organisation. Hard men, no patience nor time for subtleties. Charged with combating terrorists, criminals and corruption wherever they find it. Capable of using any means necessary. The only people they can trust are themselves:


Season One:
Old Dog with New Tricks
Long Shot
Where the Jungle Ends
Killer With A Long Arm
"Private Madness, Public Danger"
Female Factor
Everest Was Also Conquered
Close Quarters
Look After Annie
When the Heat Cools Off

Season Two:
Hunter Hunted
First Night
The Rack
Man Without A Past
In The Public Interest
Not A Very Civil Civil Servant
A Stirring Of Dust
Blind Run
Fall Girl
Servant Of Two Masters
The Madness Of Mickey Hamilton

Season Three:
A Hiding To Nothing
Dead Reckoning
Mixed Doubles
Need To Know
The Purging Of CI5
The Acorn Syndrome
Slush Fund
Weekend In The Country
The Gun
Wild Justice

Season Four:
It's Only A Beautiful Picture
Blood Sports
You'll Be Alright
Discovered In A Graveyard
Foxhole On The Roof
Operation Susie
The Ojuka Situation
The Untouchables
Cry Wolf
A Man Called Quinn
Lawson's Last Stand
No Stone
Spy Probe
Community Updates


William Andrew Philip Bodie is not just an ex-solider, he is an ex-SAS paratrooper commando (with the rank of Sergeant) as well as being an ex-mercenary for hire.

Raymond Doyle was a former Detective constable who ran a Karate class in his spare time.

However the skills of each character could not save the remastered audio track & you may well be disappointed... this release, like all the others before it, is a mono track & it may not sit well with today's audio/visual equipment.

Apart from that a great price for a piece of classic 70s TV... and one of my favourite series of all time.

Heat added.


Nobody scowls like Bodie... Lewis Collins... where is he now?

Nobody scowls like Bodie... Lewis Collins... where is he now?

he lives in america with wife and sons ,he is a pc person
Lewis moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90s. He runs a successful computer business over there.

His last role was in The Bill in 2002 so I guess acting is no longer his priority!

He is married for the last 16 years and has 3 sons.
Thank You
Have to say would have got but already own the original release on DVD

Would be nice to see a Blue Ray Release one day

:thumbsup: Very Hot Deal as I paid around £20 per season
This is a good price - paid about £33 a few months ago. Well worth it, a cracking watch!
Seems to be a good price, voted hot & certainly a 70's classic.......a good find.
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