The Proposition (Blu-ray) - £5.99 delivered at

The Proposition (Blu-ray) - £5.99 delivered at

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Found 29th Jun 2010Made hot 29th Jun 2010
Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) captures fugitive Burns brothers Charley (Guy Pearce) and Mikey (Richard Wilson) at the scene of bloody rape and murder. Informing Charley that he must kill his older brother, Arthur (Danny Huston), in order to be set free, Stanley drags Mikey to a decrepit jailhouse while he waits for Charley to carry out the deed...

Director John Hillcoat's second collaboration with melancholic musician Nick Cave (here contributing the film's screenplay and soundtrack), is a taut character study of desperation amid the mesmerising backdrop of the 19th century Australian outback.


A great movie. Danny Huston is great and its very dark.

Heat from me

extremely bleak, but still a great film.

Nick Cave's score adds to the mood of the film massively

Really enjoyed this film.

It's £6.99?
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