The Quatermass Collection: The Quatermass Experiment / Quatermass 2 / Quatermass And The Pit (DVD) (3 Disc) - £9.99 @ Amazon & Play

The Quatermass Collection: The Quatermass Experiment / Quatermass 2 / Quatermass And The Pit (DVD) (3 Disc) - £9.99 @ Amazon & Play

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459 minutes running time

A three-disc set of the classic horror stories. In The Quatermass Experiment Professor Bernard Quatermass, Director General of the British Experimental Rocket Group, launches the first manned space flight from Australia. A malfunction sends the rocket and its three-man crew thousands of miles off course. When the rocket returns to Earth, it crashes in Wimbledon.

Quatermass II: Several years after the previous serial took place, Professor Quatermass is trying to perfect a dangerously unstable nuclear-powered rocket engine. After a disastrous test firing in Australia, his future son-in-law, Captain John Dillon, draws the Professor's attention to a strange hollow meteorite which interrupted an Army Training exercise.

Quatermass and The Pit: When a skull is found during building works at Knightsbridge, London, the work is halted in order that a full archaeological dig can proceed. The diggers delve deeper, finding more skulls, but also finding some form of tube-like shell made of a ceramic-like material. The Ministry of Defence believe it to be an unexploded bomb, but when they manage to dig inside the shell, dead insect-like creatures are found.


Classic tv.


Already got the films but a great deal for three of the best Hammer films ever


AwesomeAlready got the films but a great deal for three of the best … AwesomeAlready got the films but a great deal for three of the best Hammer films ever

Is this the movies or the tv series?

Looks like it's the tv programmes and missing episodes ... at least that's what amazon says ...

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Is this the movies or the tv series?

Its the tv series - the info in the post is from the amazon site - the official blurb ...... i have posted below the first two reviews on amazon - hope they help .........

This marvellous box set brings together all of the existing episodes of the BBCs deservedly lauded 50s phenomenon. The two existing parts of "The Quatermass Experiment" (1953) allow us a rare glimpse of how a BBC drama of the period of British TV's first explosion in ownership was staged. This serial gripped the viewers and it's easy to see why as it's totally unlike anything else aired up to this point. Reginald Tate makes a comelling Quatermass and it's a shame that the rest was never recorded for posterity. All three serials were broadcast live, with filmed inserts used where necessary.

Quatermass II (1955) takes advantage of a further two years of technological development in TV and is a more accomplished production than the first, with ambitious and effective location filming and pioneering visual effects work from Jack Kine and Bernard Wilkie. Quatermass himself is less memorable, played this time by John Robinson, who was drafted in at short notice after the sad death of Reginald Tate during the serial's pre-production. There are strong turns from Hugh Griffith and future Master, Roger Delgado. The story is an exceptionally strong one, with Quatermass dealing with aliens who have already landed and begun to infiltrate humanity - a clasic 50s scenario.

The last of the three serials is also the best. "Quatermass and the Pit" certainly does not disappoint both in terms of story and production, which for the time was lavish and extremely imaginative. Quatermass is this time played by Andre Morell, who could have been made for the part, and he is given excellent support by Cec Linder, Anthony Bushell, John Stratton and Christine Finn.

All of these stories, particularly the last, benefit greatly from a superb restoration job undertaken as a labour of love by the BBC's Dr. Who Restoration Team. The films have been lovingly cleaned, sound significantly sharpened and the film prints of "The Pit" have also been put through the VidFIRE process, which restores their original appearance as live video transmissions. The film sequences are of particular note, with many being sourced from the original 35mm prints.

This DVD set is a must for fans of the science fiction genre and of classic tv drama in general and if you have any interest in eother of these you won't be disappointed. Last, but not least, the discs are accompanied by an exhaustively researched booklet courtesy of walking TV encylopedia Andrew Pixley. This covers anything you'd want to know about the three serials.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pure delight, 2 May 2005

These are the television series that gripped a generation - or would have if we'd all had a telly. Millions watched, tormented by the need to know what happened next. There were no other TV stations to distract or compete. There was only the BBC and they only had one station and were, themselves still learning how to make good programmes for the small screen. Then Nigel Kneal (writer) and Rudolph Cartier (producer) came along and showed how it could be done: how to get a lot of image onto the small television screens of the 1950s, how to get an audience hooked and eager to tune in again for the next episode, how to tap into an audience's imagination and set it a-going.

These DVDs were delivered only a couple of days ago and I've watched them all twice so far. It's very rare that I will watch a modern film through twice within a few days. What makes this old Quatermass series so compelling? It's not just nostalgia (though that plays a part). I believe it's the way they force you to use your imagination. Fans of the modern films that employ all sorts of computer generated tricks and have access to enormous budgets may not appreciate this. After all, it's all in black and white and the special effects, although ingenious, might seem crude by today's standards. The acting, at least from the main characters is pretty good - if a bit melodramatic. The picture and sound quality of 'Quatermass II' and 'Quatermass and the Pit' are fairly good, but only two episodes of the first series, 'The Quatermass Experiment' still exist and some of the images are showing their age (and you may find that you're glad of the subtitle facility when watching those two episodes first time). It was a good idea to include the scripts of the missing episodes, but they are photocopied from old type-written documents, about 40 pages each missing episode - you'd need to be a very determined fan to attempt to decipher them.

Despite the disadvantages, these three Quatermass series still make a wonderful viewing experience. The limitations of the technology actually help by requiring the audience to use their imagination. The human imagination is exponentially more powerful than any CGI special effects. In the time before brilliant special effects, the filmmakers colluded with the viewers to ratchet up the fear and tension using the viewers' imagination as the seed bed to grow suspense, excitement, awe. I enjoy modern films and the special effects impress me, but once the film maker has shown me everything, leaving my imagination more or less redundant, there's no reason to watch the film again very soon. But shows like these, that don't reveal everything, make it possible for you to form your own image of the monster/scene/action, and thereby engaged you at a deeper level, so the programmes can grip you again and again as your imagination reawakens the old monster and adds to it. That's how the Quatermass series works for me. They feed the parts of my mind that the clever, modern films don't reach.

I recommend these series to all whose imagination is in good working order.

"All the existing" not ALL ... Not for me thank you, movies please.
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"All the existing" not ALL ... Not for me thank you, movies please.

not sure where they have those on offer cheap - sorry


"All the existing" not ALL ... Not for me thank you, movies please.

To be fair it might be a little hard for them to un-destroy the lost episodes.

If anyone spots any of the films at a reasonable price PLEEEEEEASE post them! They're going for ridiculous prices at the moment.

Hot from me for this set.

Worth it for the "Pit" alone. Superb stuff - BBC sci-fi dept should take note: here's how you make decent sci-fi on a low budget. Outcasts and Survivors both had so much promise, you could learn a few things just from re-watching Quatermass and the Pit.

Ooh, nice - Play have several of the Quatermass movies at very reasonable prices - plus some good Hammer boxsets!


To be fair it might be a little hard for them to un-destroy the lost … To be fair it might be a little hard for them to un-destroy the lost episodes.

Especially as only two episodes of the first serial were ever recorded in an experimental attempt at making copies for future use (all of the BBC Quatermass serials went out live).

The recording of "Experiment" were abandoned due to quality issues, so this is literally all there ever was of that story.

Cheers OP - not gone for original post (may do next week bank account permitting) but gone for this:…708 I've been after Q1/Q2 at a reasonable price for years. Wouldn't have seen them without your post. Ta

I am compelled to vote hot on this one. Although I have enjoyed the films several times have only seen "...the Pit" from the TV version. It is pretty chilling stuff actually. The BBC used to do incredible things for next to nothing then.
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