The Raveonettes - Pretty In Black [Extra tracks, Special Edition] CD 2.99 delivered @ CDWow

The Raveonettes - Pretty In Black [Extra tracks, Special Edition] CD 2.99 delivered @ CDWow

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Found 15th Jun 2010
Totally love this group - 60's rock/garage sound with more than a nod to Jesus and Mary Chain and poptastic Spector like undertone. Amazon have this at a decent £3.99, but elsewhere you'll be shelling out: - £5.55
HMV £6.99
Zavvi £9.49 £10.64

On Pretty In Black, Denmarks The Raveonettes are out to shake up preconceptions that had them pegged as stripped-bare garage-rockers an association perhaps not entirely unfair, given that they once recorded an EP entirely in Bb minor. Recorded with reverb boosted up high in an effective, if budget, approximation of Phil Spectors Wall Of Sound production style, the likes of "Here Comes Mary" and "Seductress Of Burns" are lean, shimmering cuts of 60s Americana - pure pop bubblegum laced with razorblades.

Thats not the only hallmark of this records increased scope, however: guests including the Velvet Undergrounds Maureen Tucker and Martin Rev of synth-punks Suicide are on hand to further bulk out the compositions, while Ronnie Spector, voice of key Raveonettes influence The Ronettes, adds backing vocals to one of the albums stand-outs, "Ode To LA". Elsewhere, a cover of 60s girl-group The Angels "My Boyfriends Back" in which a demure maiden threatens a would-by suitor with a beating from her recently-returned amour is recreated, quite beautifully, on a tinny drum machine: proof that The Raveonettes can still turn out pop magic using the most primitive tools.

1. The Heavens
2. Seductress of Bums
3. Love in a Trashcan
4. Sleepwalking
5. Uncertain Times
6. My Boyfriend's Back
7. Here Comes Mary
8. Red Tan
9. Twilight
10. Somewhere In Texas
11. You Say You Lie
12. Ode to L.A.
13. If I Was Young
14. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Bonus track)
15. Everyday (Bonus track)
16. Black Wave (Bonus track)
17. I Wanna Be Taken (Bonus track)


Superb group, not got this one, great tunes and a great price toboot, thanks

£3.49 for me through the 50p off link

No idea why it didn't work for me. I'll try again.

£3.49 here, not comlaining though!

Decent music - great price. Thanks AW.

Great band... brilliant live too
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