The Real Blonde @ £1.96 @ uWish

The Real Blonde @ £1.96 @ uWish

Found 10th Jun 2008
Stars Matthew Modine, Catherine Keener, Daryl Hannah, Bridgette Wilson, Dave Chappelle, Christopher Lloyd, Kathleen Turner, Steve Buscemi and Denis Leary.

Joe is an aspiring actor who lives with his girlfriend, Mary. Mary is a make-up artist for a magazine photographer Blair. Blair is infatuated with his favourite model, Sahara. Sahara is insanely in love with Bob, Joe's best friend., who gets steady work on a soap opera where he meets and becomes involved with Kelly who Joe becomes convinced is the trophy lying in wait for him at the end of his quest to find the Real Blonde!

Only after Kelly has wickedly manipulated Joe headlong through this series of interconnected lives does he discover what he has really been needing to fulfil his hectically banal life in the New York media scene.

An intelligent, hilarious, biting and bizarre glimpse at the illusion of beauty and the truth that lurks behind it.


Good film, heat!

[SIZE="3"][SIZE="3"]seems reasonable delivered price for a ]6.9 / 10 film.[/SIZE]
Think there may be Quidco too, probably worth coppers.[/SIZE]


Think there may be Quidco too, probably worth coppers

6% so should be about 11p taking the price down to £1.85...
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