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The Real Kraft Dinner available cheap in the UK - 89p - usually £1.19 @ Tesco
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The Real Kraft Dinner available cheap in the UK - 89p - usually £1.19 @ Tesco

Posted 26th Jul 2012

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North Americans seem to love Kraft dinner (think it's a childhood thing) and it's one of those things that you used only to get over there. I used to bring back boxes from the US for my Canadian girlfriend who missed it now she lives in the UK. Until now we had rather poor versions of this - eg Kraft Cheesey pasta.
Now, however the real Kraft Dinner is here at Tesco and it's cheaper than last time I bought it in the US. Enjoy . . .

Smmmile, it's the cheesiest

Same gooey, cheesy taste in a fancy new box.

You're probably feeling a lot of emotions right now. Shocked. Amazed. Hungry. But don't feel worried, because inside this box you'll find the same deliciously gooey macaroni & cheese dinner you know and love. It's just got a new grown up look. so go ahead and hold your head high for loving that classic cheesy goodness. In fact, raise our new box above your head and announce to the whole store that you love it. Because you know you do.
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Oh I miss this stuff from when I lived over there! I'm stocking up if I find it in my local extra!
Awesome! My OH is from Canada too (Medicine Hat, the sunniest city in Canada),and complained that Cheesy Pasta wasn't quite the same as proper Kraft Dinner. Good to know the real thing is now available over here.
It's hard to find in any of the supermarkets in the UK now, not even available to order online. Looks like it's a return to the importers again
This has 3 versions in Tesco now, including White Chedder, and some other one with 'good' pasta (ie brown?) and the normal. Priced at £2.20 - £3.00. Bit of a rip off, but then again, it is American.

Using a well known super market comparison site, I got a price for our own Kraft cheesy pasta, £1.19, for Tesco, and on the same page informed that Tesco don't sell this product.... Confused....oO

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This American food store in London sell the stuff for £2.10.... shipping is a flat rate £4.50 so better to buy in bulk... usafoodstore.co.uk/kra…on/
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