The Real Shaving Co. products £1.29 Instore @ Home Bargains

The Real Shaving Co. products £1.29 Instore @ Home Bargains

Found 15th Jun 2011
As far as i know this is quite a popular shaving cream. Having taken up tradition shaving myself (thanks HUKD) and using this cream I am very happy with it

£4 on Amazon.…8-1

Hard to find them in the shops anymore, Asda used to stock them but not anymore

There was another product but I cannot remember what it was sorry, shaving gel I think
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Also got the post-shave balm for the same price
1 pound in poundland
This is awful stuff, looks the part but it really is pants, no shock it is in pondland..........
Never seen it in Poundland, haven't been in there for a while though

How is it pants? Good ingredients, good lather and nice shave

Definitely rate their products. Used with a shaving brush, give excellent results
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i use this all the time, the poundland ones are smaller tubes, home bargain is the better deal.
good product, I avoid the gel & use the foam, a little go's a long way!
Great stuff this !!!! great price too
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