The Ring Trilogy (3 dvd) £6.99 Delivered @ Amazon

The Ring Trilogy (3 dvd) £6.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 16th Nov 2010
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The Ring Trilogy (Collectors Edition) (DVD)
This Collector's Edition collects the original Japanese RING Trilogy:Exactly one week after staying at a remote cabin, a group of Japanese teenagers all meet sudden inexplicable deaths. A cousin of one of the victims, reporter Reiko Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima), begins an investigation that leads to the discovery of a videotape containing hauntingly bizarre footage. Upon viewing the tape, Reiko receives a phone call stating that she, too, will die in one week. As the clock ticks away, Reiko enlists the help of her estranged husband, Ryuji (Hiroyuki Sanada), who possesses limited psychic abilities. Together they attempt to discover the meaning behind the cryptic film and break the supernatural curse. Hideo Nakata's RING, based on a novel by Koji Suzuki, was such a hit in Japan that it spawned both a sequel and prequel, along with a huge cult following. Like a horrific version of an X-FILES episode, the dark, moody film makes the most out of the mysterious and the unknown. As any viewer will admit, the surreal, death-inducing video presented within the movie is extremely effective. And as RING's tension builds, so does its sense of mounting doom. One of the creepiest motion pictures ever made, RING culminates in an unbelievably chilling finale. Do not watch this film alone...and make sure the phone ringer is off.
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great scary films
Excellent deal
Tempted - thanks (_;)
Great deal, cant beat the original Japanese versions
these make the hollywood versions seem as scary as a episode of tellytubbys xD hot from me
Great deal. Bought these a few years ago for £30. HOT
if its the same boxset ive got then they are in dolby dts aswell. the seperate releases werent
Well spotted. Thanks.
thanks I ordered
Sweeeet. These films are awesome/horrible.
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