The Roald Dahl Stories CD Collection - 27 CD's £18.99 RRP £120.98 SAVE : £101.99

The Roald Dahl Stories CD Collection - 27 CD's £18.99 RRP £120.98 SAVE : £101.99

Found 25th Mar 2007
This unique offer features ten stories, some full-length and some unabridged, read out loud by some of Britain's finest actors, including June Whitfield, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Featuring 27 CDs and 1600 minutes of first class entertainment, this special collection comes in a handy travel case, making it ideal for taking with you wherever you go... great for the plane, the train or the car, the whole family is in for a real treat.

Set titles and authors :
James and the Giant Peach
The Twits
George's Marvellous Medicine
Fantastic Mr Fox and Other Animal Stories
The Witches
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Danny the Champion of the World


Nice find Remember to add on the delivery charge (£3.50 in this case) when posting deals.

Your link doesn't work, try this:…ch_

This has been around before... at a quid less AND when free postage code was available (might still be now have not checked).

Very nice set, will provide hours of entertainment.

PRODUCT CODE: RDL if link doesn't work for you.

The description on their web page made me laugh - 'some full-length and some unabridged.'

Aren't they the same thing? :?

You would think that people selling books would know the meaning of unabridged!!:giggle:

For free delivery try 155-FREE which just worked for me when ordering the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (£3 delivered as noted in another listing). Need to type in the post though as opposed to cutting and pasting.

Not sure these are worth £120, but my son got them for Xmas and they're worth every penny of the £19. Convert them to MP3 and put them on your ipod - they're just as good for adults, especially Matilda and Danny.
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