The Robert Cray Collection DVD £6.99 @ Play

The Robert Cray Collection DVD £6.99 @ Play

Found 22nd Jul 2010
The Robert Cray Collection DVD £6.99 @ Play

With an incredible blues/soul voice and one of the best modern blues guitar sounds, Robert Cray is widely credited with being the modern version of Blues greats who were not only his influences, but also his heroes. His immensely popular records helped immeasurably to jumpstart the contemporary blues boom that still holds sway to this day.

Robert Cray has become respected enough to play with the likes of John Lee Hooker, and be opening act for Eric Clapton and Albert Collins. His breakthrough album "Smoking Gun", released in 1986 won him a Grammy in the US. Cray has also had guitars by Fender designed and named after him. Cray continues to record and tour the world as the leader of "The Robert Cray Band"

Released for the first time on DVD, this collection contains interviews and rare footage of Robert Cray, along with videos and concert footage.


1. Smoking Gun
2. Nothin But A Woman
3. Right Next Door
4. I Guess I Showed Her
5. Don T Be Afraid Of The Dark
6. Acting This Way
7. Night Patrol
8. The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
9. Consequences

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I've seen this guy live and he is certainly under rated IMHO. A great strat payer - have some heat.
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