The Rules of the Game (Book) by Neil Strauss - now just £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Play.com
The Rules of the Game (Book) by Neil Strauss - now just £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Play.com

The Rules of the Game (Book) by Neil Strauss - now just £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Play.com

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This is the sensational follow-up to the phenomenal No. 1 Bestseller "The Game". If you want to play The Game you need to know The Rules.This book is not a story. It is a how-to book. "This Stylelife Challenge" is not meant to be read. It is meant to be performed.Whatever experience level you have, whatever strengths and weaknesses you may have, whether you're a virgin or a Don Juan, the stage has been set for you to perform at your highest capacity."The Stylelife Challenge" is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to the basics of approaching and attracting women.The Challenge is simply what works best and fastest. Neil Strauss spent four years gathering this knowledge, living it and sharing it. He's tested the specific material in this book on over 13,000 men of varying ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Part practical application and part sequel, this is the further adventures of Style and his game techniques.The result: A month-long workout program for your social, attraction, dating and seduction skills.



... hahahahahahaha.

i just lost the game!

Laugh all you want - this sh.t works. Well.

Neil Strauss is a tit. :-D

If you wanna' attract 'decent' women (lets face it, some women will fall for any old line or half arsed compliment) then do the exact pooposite of whatever sh!t he's spewed forth upon you in this book!

Decent women won't fall for this crap, thankfully :thumbsup:

A decent 'joke' purchase for a friend I suppose though :-p

Stuff a wine bottle down your trousers if you want to pull women, and don't forget to sniper neg the hb10 haha

whats wrong with rohypnol these days?
heavans above

Some of the stuff they propose to open a set is so wooden, maybe because it's for the american market. I think if you went up to a girl in the west end using such lines you would just look weird.

If a book is going to help someone who's critically shy overcome their fear of talking to randoms, let them have their fun. Not everyone in the world is as awesome with women inthe real world as you lot of keyboard warriors. If they read something like this and thinks it might help them out, it can only give them encouragement, I've read the Game but not this, so can't say if what they advocate in this book is too wooden, but some of the stuff in The Game has been done to death or is too American for British lasses.

wasn't this already posted earlier on today?

Twice in one day, seriously?!?

Losing the game sucks

Adam PDM;5714256

i just lost the game!

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